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What we’re about

Who are we? 
Fishburners is much more than a coworking space. We organise some not-for-profit events, but we must keep our head above water or we go under. Let's keep growing and the only way is covering costs for preparing and operating many meetup groups.

Giving happiness to new and existing members is our goal and to do this we must run all sorts of events, not just business events. We are passionate to keep the community of 300+ scalable tech start-ups going and growing but since COVID it's a long and tiring job.

Up until now Fishburners would like to thank amazing sponsors - Google for Start-ups, UTS, Chartered Accountants, and Jobs for NSW.

We are dedicated to inspiring and helping start-ups get started, grow and succeed. Our goal is to make the hardest thing you’ve ever done easier. Being a Fishburners member means that you'll have the right connections, tools, facilities, resources, learning and development, and mentoring for your idea to come to life and flourish.

In addition to our memberships, we open our doors and host some of the largest, regular events in the Australian start-up ecosystem, including our weekly lunchtime workshops, and Shark Tank-style, Friday Night Pitches (the first three Fridays of the month). Member or not, you're welcome to attend and/or get involved!

Want to get involved? 
Whether you want to mentor, pitch or submit your story, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the Fishburners community!.

We hope to see you soon!