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This group is primarily for Christians from 25-45 (non Christians are welcome to join but understand that this is a a Christian group). We primarily meet in Dallas, although we are open to meeting anywhere. We try to not go to very pricey venues, as I do not have much money to burn and I know most others don’t either. The demographic we are reaching at this point is:

A) Boyfriend/girlfriend couples. Often those that are in a serious relationship face problems at church when asked if they are married or single. They know they can’t say married, but they are uncomfortable identifying as single, even though that’s what most churches say they should do. This helps remove the problem. While there are couples that aren’t serious yet (they’re more than welcome of course) I did this mainly to resolve the conundrum I just described.

B) Singles. Often YA singles are for those in their twenties (many times before age 25) and mainstream singles groups are 40+. But most in their 30’s and 40’s are married, which makes meeting some one (or even just new friends around your age in a similar life stage) that much more difficult. That’s what we’re here for.

C) Married and engaged people who are looking for friends of the same sex. Often by the time people get engaged or married, sometimes people fall out of touch with old friends. This group can help rectify that. Married and engaged couples are, of course, also welcome to attend couples events.

Michael Cooper leads the singles branch and Joseph May and I lead the couples branch. We will have a monthly date night and a monthly singles night.

In addition, we will have an additional night where we have a guy’s night and a girl’s night. Joseph and Michael organize the guy events, and I organize the gal events. Because neither Joseph nor Michael can drive, they will usually be at the same venue but guys and gals will sit separately. If this is not possible, then the locations will be in close proximity.

Anyone in the group with children who generally has trouble getting a babysitter? Let us know. We’ll set up a family night once a quarter so you can join us and bring the kiddos. We’ll go somewhere where the kids can go play while we visit.

Annually, we’ll have a group party. Singles and couples will come together. When the group comes big enough and we can pull it off financially, we’ll make it a family night. More details to come down the road.

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