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Fitchburg Pilots Association EAA Chapter 1454 Monthly Meetup
FAA WINGS Program: Weather-Beyond the Standard Briefing (please pre-register on the FAA WINGS site) Regardless of whether you are a VFR or IFR pilot, this presentation will help you make the go, or no-go, decision. Speaker(s): Doug Stewart Brief Description: While most pilots know how to get a Standard Briefing, there are many less frequently utilized tools and places to find information that the pilot can use to help make a viable "go/no go” decision, including the Graphical Forecast for Aviation (GFA), Where to find this information and knowing how to use it adds to the toolbox of the safety-minded pilot. Regardless of whether you are a VFR or IFR pilot, Doug will take us beyond the standard briefing and introduce tools that could be considered critical, not only for any long cross country flight, but even when flying short hops to your favorite airport diner as well. Doug Stewart is the 2004 National Instructor of the Year, an active CFI, DPE, and a 10 time Master Instructor with over 12,500 hours of dual given. He is the Executive Director Emeritus of SAFE. He has given presentations to literally thousands of pilots from coast to coast. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always, food at 6:00 and meeting at 7:00. Where else can you have this much excitement for $50 bucks a year? Mark Estabrook

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