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Hello! :D

The purpose of this new meet up group is for adult men and women who are interested in a consistent, scheduled workout on the beach for the purposes of looking great and healing!

Aren’t you tired of the gym? Remember being kids and feeling so good after a cold day of playing? :) Belmar, Spring Lake, and Sea Girt are my beach choices, but that can change. We will stop when it gets too cold, and restart when weather improves.

All adult ages welcome. If you are mid age like me that would be great, but any age is welcome. We learn from each other, and often set new goals based on the progress we see from our peers.

Beginners are welcome. We all start somewhere. Those who are lagging behind will just drop back, and the routine will just continue for those who are more fit. I may be a “lagger” since I am easing back into fitness after a relapse from Lyme Disease, and so experts to lead are welcome.

Experts welcome. If you are "over qualified" consider this a place to be with like minded people and donating your time for us "charity fitness laggers" who would be more than appreciative. :D

Fitness is part of healing. My partner is a physician, and has taught me a lot about the relationship between fitness and healing. Lean muscle does improve immunity, and is especially helpful for those who suffer from chronic illness. You will see me speaking about this online in a few months.

Lose inches! Through collaboration of our team members, we will customize fitness routines similar to p90x and Insanity. These customized programs cause muscle confusion, and will boost our metabolic pathways, and ultimately inches will begin to fade, and lean muscle appears! You do not need to diet to lose weight!

Collaborate! Lets work together as a team to design workouts that are 75 minutes long, with stretches afterwards. Different members can choose to lead so we have some variation. We can have a lot of fun doing team races with sand pails as weights, have short runs, or walks on beach.

The Schedule is dependent on members. I am committed to do this at least three days a week, but the amount of days we schedule is dependent on the feedback from those interested. My time is flexible, and so please send me a note and let me know your availability and we can try and base a schedule on those days/times. It is easier for us to collaborate if you post your availability for others to see in discussion thread. But, if you prefer privacy, I respect that.

HEALTH CHECK - Please check with your doctor before you begin any work out plan. This is not a certified instruction, and no one can be responsible for your health or injuries but you. This is just a group of new friends working out together.

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