What we're about

I wanted to create this meetup so people can participate in local fun fitness fundraising events. A goal to help keep us healthy AND raise awareness and funds for charities, woop! This is for people who are able to participate in local physical meetups such as walks, runs, games, relays, sports or creating our own. Its a start.

The aim: To create regular monthly outdoor physical opportunities. These opportunities are basic, for a wide range of backgrounds, ages, cultures and fitness experience. An option to utilise local public spaces for exploration, fitness, motivation, physical fun or amusement.

Any Cost? There are charities and causes involved in all the meetups for people to offer donations to and there isn't any obligation to give, people can donate whatever they wish. How to make donations is explained per meetup event and will be via online link (on everyday hero or similar) or donation bucket on the day.

The other possible cost could be the option to buy an entry ticket to a larger fundraising event! such as a fun run/walk, ticket links provided.

Lets get to it......

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