What we're about

I've been living in Five Ashes for about 6 months, and in England for about 2 and a half years. Having uprooted my life, I've found myself struggling to meet people and find new girlfriends outside of work and close to home. I'm wanting this to be a space where we can meet other women to uplift each other and share, as well as learn from, each others stories and wisdom from all walks of life.

Once this group hits 5+ members we can start looking at arranging the first Meetup.

Upcoming events (3)

Brunch at The Pink Cabbage, Mayfield

The Pink Cabbage Produce Company

Get together to meet new and old friends

Walk starting and ending in Mayfield



Easy walk - maybe end up with a drink? http://routopedia.com/what-routes-are-right-for-me/about-mayfield/mayfield-3-4m-routes/loop-old-railway-line-ashurst-wood/

Pub Quiz

The Wheatsheaf


Pub quiz - you can order something to eat it you want to.

Past events (3)

Drinks and chat

The White Hart Buxted