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If you want to learn more about flipping houses this is a great place to be. Here you have the opportunity to meet and join like-minded entrepreneurs and investors doing Real Estate Deals. We offer several house tours each month for you to examine and learn how we do a flip, come as often as you like, there is no charge, learn where we found the property, how we funded the deal, see how we decided on the exit strategy and what the projected profit will be. All are welcome to come.

We are part of a local group of like-minded people investing in Real Estate and willing to help others do the same. You can learn about fix and flip, buy and hold, multi-family, commercial property, raw-land development, and more.

Come, invest one hour see the house and network with some of our members. Who knows, you may even like us. There is no cost for attending our house tours.

Real Estate Return is my business entity that I do real estate projects in and it is not necessarily the owner of the property we offer to show or presenter of the presentation/workshop. Our interest is to invite people to see what our group does in the community and help them get involved in investing to improve their lifestyle.

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Good Deal or Bad Deal?


How to determine if a deal is good deal or bad deal? Know your numbers and make an offer that will be profitable for everybody. Join us as we analyze the property, know how to come up with a rehab cost quickly without the contractor present , know how to run comps and evaluate if the property is a Deal or No Deal. Text TADEAL to (206)[masked] for registration and location.

Federal Way Fix & Flip House Tour

Federal Way

Learn how to Fix and Flip! We will share with you the ins and outs of our group current fix and flip project. You will learn how we found the property, what costs were involved in rehabbing the project, how the deal was structured, what unexpected challenges were faced while doing the project, examine the numbers involved in doing this deal and the resulting profit. Come join us and see how to do a flip and YOU can do it too! Text FLIP to (206)[masked] for registration and location.

Do You Have a Good Deal?


Do you think you have a Good Deal but you like a second opinion? Come join us on Tuesday, January 29th for a night of information on how to determine if the property you have under contract or a prospecting property is a Good Deal or one you should walk way from. Text BDEAL to (206)[masked] for registration and location.

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Flipping Houses Property Tour


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