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What we’re about

As a not-for-profit bicycle recycler, our aims are to refurbish unused bikes and to further the skills of our volunteers.
We always look to welcome new faces to our community of around 80 active volunteers. The bikes you recycle will enable others to experience the joys of cycling, whilst increasing your own mechanical skills.

back2bikes is a place where people with a range of previous experience in bike repair can further their knowledge and work on bikes in a friendly atmosphere with minimal pressure. 
We do not expect our volunteers to start with any particular knowledge level of bicycle repair but the following background skills and interests are preferred:-

  • A love of cycling for commuting or recreation.
  • The ability to work with others in a cooperative environment.
  • A willingness to increase your knowledge by hands-on experience and asking questions.
  • A desire to assist others with knowledge sharing when called upon.
  • An understanding that other volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and that you must respect social, cultural and gender diversity.

From time to time, we offer commercially priced courses which allow us to raise funds for new parts.  These may be of interest to people who are too busy to volunteer on a regular basis, or value concentrated learning and instruction.