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Fixated On Real Estate - Finacial Strategies and Structures for Success
Who LOVES setting up financial strategies for your own success?!?! If you are like most people, then not you! The majority of us would rather dream of financial abundance, than actually create plans and processes to create it. This is your chance to hear from two of the top leading experts on Asset Protection/Entity Creation/Tax Planning! Clint Coons, Managing Partner of Anderson Advisors ( and Shahar Plinner, CEO of GPL Accounting ( are not only GURU's in Tax and Entity structures, they are actually MY PERSONAL Attorney and CPA (Tarl Yarber). These are the people I trust most with my personal and company assets. Have you ever heard the adage "Its not how much you make, its how much you keep that matters...", don't learn this lesson the hard way. Join us for the next FORE and start getting your self on the right track. Check back here soon for more details and information for topics and updates on this event coming soon!

Bellevue College Main Campus

3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue WA 98007 · Bellevue , WA


What we're about

Are you active in the Real Estate Market? Do you invest in single family? Multi-Family? Do you assign contracts or "wholesale"? Do you flip houses? Are you interested in Real Estate? Do you want to get better and more profitable?

Or do you just want to meet your local real estate investing community and have an awesome time?

Better yet! Are you an awesome real estate investor fixated on real estate and you want to help others in your market become better and more profitable?

When you answered yes to one of these questions, then you found the right meetup for you! My name is Tarl Yarber, founder of Fixated Real Estate LLC, and I have been investing in Real Estate for over a decade. Over the last 2 years, my company and I have "flipped" (id say transformed) over $25 Million dollars in single family residences in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle to Portland). The key to our success is NETWORKING! Systems! and Education! But mostly Networking.

We want to give back, the purpose of this meetup is to help other investors locally grow and become more profitable. Why not share experiences with other investors so that we all benefit? I can say first hand that if it was not for massive networking, we would not have purchased the majority of the homes we have had in the last 18months. This meetup will not only be educational, but also interactive, will include trips out to properties, massive networking, tons of fun, and force you to challenge your self the longer you are with us.

Join our meetup, meet the mover and shakers in the Pacific Northwest, learn, share, grow!

If you want to be a contributor, and know you have something to share and give to the local investor community, please reach out to us directly.

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