What we're about

Enjoy excellent food, drink, and conversation in places that allow us to get away from the work setting. And actually not have to worry about work at all.

This group is for successful entrepreneurs and executives to get away from all the Meetup networking groups that seem like nothing more than a bunch of people looking to get rather than give. They seem to be groups full of realtors and financial planners. It seems like every time I go to one of these meetings it's a bunch of people trying to get leads and nothing more. I'm focused on trying to give not get.

This is NOT a networking group and is not focused on business development. Instead this group is for successful entrepreneurs who are moving so fast they need some time to slow down and bring some clarity to their business. We'll goof off and rub shoulders hopefully with some other highly successful crazy hard workers

If you do end up joining you should come with the intent to give, not get, and good things will happen.

So how do you join? Here is how I'm determining if this would be a good fit... "Would I want to have dinner with this person?" It's important that this group is surrounded with people who are like minded individuals. To hopefully help you buckle down and move forward. If your like me sometimes you're a little burnt out and you might even be worried that you're going to Fizzle out... This group is meant to help us crazy hard working people slow down a bit and find our spark.

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