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Welcome to South Florida's oldest Meetup Started back in 2001 helping the South Florida .NET community.

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During the Covid Pandemic we are having online meetings using Microsoft Teams.

This also allow us to record and publish meeting on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxMvM2BUx5Oow4MmRreC_Sg

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FlaDotNet - Artificial Intelligence 101 by Barkha Herman

Boca Code

AI & ChatGPT is on everyone's mind these days and everyone's been asking us to get an expert to help us understand all this new exciting world everyone's been talking about.
Well we've gotten the best one. Barkha Herman is our speaker for a full presentation on the basics (and maybe some details) of AI. She is an expert having studied Neural Networks since 1991 and worked at Microsoft Research Group for nearly a decade.
As a Developer Advocate for StarTree (the creators of Apache Pinot) and the founder of South Florida Women in Tech, she's a natural at teaching and AI & ML come natural to her.
We don't know if she's the most sophisticated AL program out there or the one that knows the most about AI but regardless she'll be the best person for this presentation.
Our Sponsors:
Gravity IT Resources - Will be providing the food and Drinks
Boca Code Bootcamp - Will be providing the location
JetBrains - Will be providing a license to any of their software to one of our attendees.

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