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Welcome to South Florida's oldest Meetup Started back in 2001 helping the South Florida .NET community.

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During the Covid Pandemic we are having online meetings using Microsoft Teams.

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FlaDotNet - Tech Interview Tips for FAANG companies by Jayce Azua

THIS EVENT WILL BE ONLINE using Zoom: https://meet.floridajs.com#

No matter if you're an Expert with 20+ years experience or just starting out in IT; we've all wanted to go work for one of the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google) companies!

Well, Mr Jayce Azua has worked for many of them. From Amazon to Facebook (Now Meta) and even Twitch.

He will bless us all with the Interview tips that got him those amazing jobs so come join us to learn and share your experience interviewing and how you got your amazing job and how you'll get the next one.

Jayce Azua's Bio:
Experienced Software Engineer with a passion for learning and solving complex industry problems. Primarily focused on system architecture, infrastructure as a Service, Machine Learning, and Video Technology. Currently at Amazon with the Prime Video Insights and Telemetry Team.


Our Zoom Call is sponsored by Tech Hub South Florida's Slack Channel at: https://techhubsouthflorida.org/slack/

Make to stick around 'til the end of the event for our free give away of a JetBrains License for any software from our sponsor JetBrains

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Ethereum & Azure Meetup - Praveen Yalamanchi / Ivan Martinez

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