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FLADotNet - The good, the bad and the ugle of .NET 6

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FLADotNet - The good, the bad and the ugle of .NET 6


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DotNet 6.0 is a revolution we haven't seen since MVC was introduced
There are new ways of coding and new changes that make this a whole new experience and yet familiar to all that know Dot Net Core

With the new release of .NET 6, developers have so many more tools at their disposal to create impactful applications for their customers. This release includes enhancements to C#, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework and developer productivity.

In this session, we’ll take a quick look at some of these features. We’ll walk through some demos, and have a fun discussion about how and when to make use of these new capabilities.

We'll have two of the best speakers in south Florida Presenting.

About the Speakers:

## Elahn Harris

Elahn is a self-taught developer who started her journey on August 9, 2020. Since then, she’s gained an awesome community of developer friends around the globe! She’s also started a book club called .NET Book Study, as well as her own YouTube channel "Elahn Danee Codes". You can follow her at

## Cecil Phillip

Cecil Phillip is a software developer who’s been around the .NET space for some time. Over his career, he’s worked in different roles and created software solutions for various industries such as finance, education, HR, and healthcare. Today, he's a Developer Advocate at Stripe where he helps guide developers get up to speed with payment processing in their applications. He's always on Twitter at


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Make to stick around 'til the end of the event for our free give away of a JetBrains License for any software from our sponsor JetBrains

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