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You know the Earth is Flat. You've done your research.
This subject matter is going crazy viral! We are tracking just below Trump on YouTube, the most talked about President ever. People are starting to question the place in which we live!
You've watched videos from Jeransim, DITRH, Mark Sargent, Eric Dubay, the Morgile, APlaneTruth.info ODD Reality TV, Steve Torrence, UrBrain Wash TV and many others.
This group is being formed to get the subject matter in to the main stream. Exposing all the Deceptions!
Northern California has some of the most brilliant minds and who better to do it!
50 subscribers to this meetup within a 30 miles radius of Pleasanton attracts people from San Jose to Martinez, to Oakland. Are you one of them?
Sign up and lets see if we can change the plane(t) for good and move past the Lack & Fear, Divide & Conquer paradigms that currently exist. #FEPE #Globexit #flatearthlexicon.

If you've read down this far and you are a true believer in the GLOBE then spend some time on these sites:




Flat Earth Clues by MarkKSargent on YouTube or "Under the Dome" on Youtube by LeisureX. (over 3 million views).

Happy Discerning :-) ..... After all we are all Flat Earthers in the end!

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