[Online] Math for Data Science Beginners

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Learn to Code in Kansas City | Flatiron School
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Join Flatiron School as we introduce foundational math concepts needed to excel in data science

This workshop is designed to introduce you to scaling and dot products – foundational math concepts needed to understand machine learning and algorithms. Our Lead Online Data Science instructor, Rafael Carrasco, will walk you through how data scientists and data analysts use scaling for standardization, and then dot products to visualize comparisons of data.

You will learn:
+ How to scale sets of data in order to compare and contrast
+ Understand correlation equations
+ The magic of dot products
+ How scaling and dot products are used to create visualizations

About Rafael: Rafael studied Math during undergrad and later received his Masters in Education from Notre Dame. He worked as a teacher for low income nonprofit schools and later wrote high school math curriculum. Rafael switched to data science with a position at Bank Of America, but was excited to join the Flatiron School as the first Online DS Instructor. Using his background in both data science and education, Rafael teaches our students how to fall in love with learning while leveraging a background in math.

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