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The purpose of this group is to help coordinate and organize local meetups for babyfurs, caretakers, and diaper loving furs in the state of Florida. Our goal is to help the community find like-minded individuals and organize events.

Since Florida is so large, multiple organizers will be required for different areas. We appreciate any and all help in this, and we're not looking to break up pre-existing groups. If you currently run a group in your local area, message an organizer, and we'll get you squared away as an organizer. Anyone can simply propose an event, and if there is enough interest it'll be automatically added to the calendar.

There are some simple guidelines to keep in mind when joining our group:

• This group is run by the members, if nobody wants to meet, then nothing will happen. Please come here expecting to meet people and have a good time.

• If a meet is in public, be discreet. This is for the sanity of the members as well as the general public.

• If a meet is in a private residence, you are expected to behave according to the guidelines/rules set by the host.

• This is not a swingers group. The people joining this group are here to meet and socialize. Please keep open group meets to a PG13/R rating.

• Adult rated meets are allowed, as long as they are not breaking any laws and are clearly marked as such. Checking IDs is mandatory to protect both the host and the group.

• Don't be creepy. Stick to the rules of common sense for social interactions and you should be just fine.

• Be Awesome!

Also, we now have a telegram group, located here: https://t.me/floridababyfurs

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