Ben Wiley, Film Reviewer Extraordinaire

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Thumbs Up, Down, and Sideways: Film Reviewing for Creative Loafing Tampa, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
– Ben Wiley

What’s the point of a film review? Who reads film reviews anyway? Why don’t film reviewers like the movies the audience likes? “Who do you think you are?—you couldn’t make a film if your life depended on it, yet you’re pontificating about the finished product.” Ben will consider all these questions, and more, as he talks about his role as a film reviewer for Creative Loafing Tampa, how he approaches the process of capturing the essence of a movie, and his very subjective reaction to it. If technology cooperates, we’ll watch clips/trailers from a few films that he’s reviewed.

Ben's presentation is free and open to the public!