Past Meetup

Shoot the Full Moon Set with Clearwater Memorial Bridge in the foreground


This is a unique chance to photograph the full moon setting at the same time the sun is rising. This happens only on the morning following the full moon rise. We'll start at Coachman Park along the waterfront in downtown Clearwater. The moon sets at 7:36 and the sun rises at 7:04. This will offer one of the best times this year to photograph the setting moon this year.

Coachman Park has a great waterfront with a new marina and extended shooting areas including a fishing pier. The sailboats in the foreground, combined with the new Memorial Bridge will provide unique compsotional elements that will make for memorable shots.

Tripods are helpful but not mandatory, you can use higher ISOs and just the railing of the pier to aid in supporting your camera.

We'll also do a PhotoWalk afterwards to a few areas in downtown Clearwater (and get some coffee at Starbucks).