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FCCP Week 3 HDR Assignment: Assignment Topic: Flower



Weekly HDR Photo Assignment

Week 3
Topic: Flower
Please only upload one (1) image
The submitted image must be shot
during the week of the assignment
Following in the tradition of some of the great photo documentary magazines we are starting a weekly assignment project. Every Friday a new assignment with a topic will be posted. You'll have one week or in some cases less to complete the assignment.
Why HDR? Whether you like HDR or not, it's a part of the photographic scene and is a viable art form. It is being used in almost all phase of photography and allows for the photographer to apply their own unique artistic touch.
What is an assignment? An assignment is shooting a series of photos that conform to the theme or topic for the week. Then reviewing the photos and uploading the one best photo that meets the requirements of the topic.
Once you have completed the assignment and upload your one best shot to the album created for the event. Please only post one image.
The purpose of a challenge is to encourage members to photograph subjects they may not normally photograph. By accepting the challenge they'll use photographic techniques and compositional techniques that they don't normally use. In return, they'll gain new insights and skills in photography.
Here are a few "HDR Flower photos to get you thinking. (
Please only upload one (1) image