FREE Photography Classes: Get Your Camera Off Auto and Shoot in Manual

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O'Keefe's Family Restaurant

1219 South Fort Harrison Avenue · Clearwater, FL

How to find us

We are in the room to your left when you reach the hostess stand. Plenty of FREE parking in their lot off Jeffords St. Doors open at 8:30 AM

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You’ve heard it before. Maybe a friend, a relative, neighbor or co-worker said, “if you want to get the very best photos, shoot in manual.”

This class is for the intermediate or more advanced photographer that has been shooting in full auto or one of the semi automatic modes, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority or Program. If you’re a beginner and you don’t know what the exposure triangle is, this class IS NOT FOR YOU!

Ditch Auto came as an answer to a question I constantly receive when photographing events. It is often these days that guests at events have the same equipment as you do, if not better. A good camera can help you take better photos, but if you do not understand how to use that camera, you will not make the most our of your equipment. I often see someone holding five thousand dollars worth of camera gear in their hands and the camera is set to automatic mode. Though automatic mode is getting better, it does not unlock the full potential of the camera. My goal was to help get people out of automatic mode and into a mindset where they have taken control of the situation whether that be their camera or editing workflow.

The class is a more formal structure and Jeff will be using both a Keynote (PowerPoint) Presentation and a White Board to explain the basics of “How to Get Your Camera Off Automatic and Shoot in Manual.”

The classes are streamed LIVE to Facebook and are available for FREE to FCCP Supporter Members. The classes and also be streamed or downloaded at a later date by FCCP Supporters. Not a Supporter yet? Follow this link to get in on the discounts, perks and freebies reserved just for supporters. Become a FCCP Supporter here:

What FCCP Members are saying about the classes.

Jeff explains patiently, in a logical sequence, and with strict clarity. He continually checks for understanding, and dignifies all questions. His sense of humor puts everyone at ease . . . . . . Cade

Great class and great studio! I love learning in depth how a program works, so this class was spot on. I will be there next week! . . . . . . Kelly

Great group of people, great teacher & a comfortable, quiet meeting site! . . . Jane

I have had good instructors in the past, but Jeff Donald is by far the best. He speaks clearly and loudly, he knows his subject, he knows what is important to cover, he stays on task, he repeatedly asks for questions, he is friendly, he has a sense of humor, and he is everyone’s idea of a leader. . . . . . John

There will be lots of learning and laughter. Jeff Donald will teach each session and he's a certified Photographic Counselor by PMA. He taught photography for 4 years at Montana State University and started the Digital Photography program at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in 2002. Jeff worked for Apple Computer, Ritz Camera Center, and several regional camera retail chains and has worked with 1000's of customers and students during that time. Experienced members will be on hand to share tips & tricks and more.

There is free parking in O'Keefe's parking lot. If the front lot is full, please park behind the building, or in the lot next door.

Late comers are always welcome and stay as long as your schedule permits. Please don't feel obligated to stay the whole two hours. We know your Saturday hours are valuable.

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