Advanced Composition — Part 4 of 4

Price: $25.00 /per person

O'Keefe's Family Restaurant

1219 South Fort Harrison Avenue · Clearwater, FL

How to find us

We are in the room to your left once you reach the hostess stand. Plenty of FREE parking in their lot of Jeffords St. Doors open at 8:30 AM

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Composition is perhaps the hardest part of photography. This course will explain composition in a new way and teach many of the advanced techniques that the masters have developed and used for centuries.

The classes are presented in the form of a Keynote (Powerpoint) and have dozens of visual examples to reinforce the topics being presented. At the end of the class the students will be given an optional assignment. Assignments will be shared online in a safe and private group just for the students in this FCCP class. This will allow extra interaction with instructors and fellow students.

The class is being held 4 Sunday mornings at O'keefe's Family Restaurant in Clearwater. Topics covered will include,

* Learning to Pre-visualize

* Focal Points

* Introduction to Formats

* The Use of Space and Negative Space

* The Power and Use of Shape

* The Power and Use of Color

* The Power and Use of Rhythm

* Perspective and Angle of View

* and much, much more . . .

The classes are being recorded and will be made available to those students that attend the classes. Following the class is an optional Q&A lunch. This will allow students extra time to ask questions and interact with the instructor.