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In our attempt to keep you from falling pry to the Dunning — Kruger Effect, FCCP will be posting a video a day to help you improve your photography. The videos have been screened for accuracy and complete lack of misinformation. So many videos on YouTube are misleading, contain misinformation and are just plain wrong that we felt it necessary to links to videos that meet our educational standards.

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"Every famous photograph was made with a camera less advanced than the one you are using now." This paraphrased quote is the inspiration behind The Art of Photography’s latest YouTube video titled "Your camera is better than Ansel’s." In the ten-minute video, Ted Forbes breaks down his thoughts on the idea that, instead of taking an introspective approach to our photography work, we tend to blame the gear and use that as an excuse to our shortcomings as artists.

How often do you hear the phrase "I don’t have the right lens to get the shallow depth of field I want" or "I don’t have this camera body that shoots 15 frames per second." These laments aren’t uncommon among photographers, but according to Forbes, they miss the point.

Sure, it’s fun to gawk over the latest and greatest gear, but it’s by no means necessary in order to create fantastic artwork — this morning's Behind the Scenes article by Michael Benanav should more than prove that point. As Forbes elaborates throughout the video, gear is little more than a tool to create the artwork we’ve envisioned in our head — a means to an end.