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1 FREE Two Hour Class, 5 FREE Lightroom Tips & 5 FREE Develop Presets

Lightroom is the most powerful, affordable photo editor on the market today. But, like most photo editing software it is not very intuitable on how to use it. Up until now you've had to sign up for monthly or annual subscriptions to view tutorials. This has been expensive and sometimes difficult for viewers to sit through. You could also search through thousands of videos on YouTube (taught by your average 4th grader) and receive incomplete instruction, or even worse incorrect instruction.

FCCP has been teaching Lightroom for over 7 years as a one day workshop and also a 8 week course. We are recording our 8 week class in Lightroom. Each video is just under two hours. The videos are recorded in high quality and can be watched online or downloaded and viewed offline on your computer, tablet, even TV. The instructor, Jeff Donald, is certified in Lightroom.

Our Lightroom Video Class is 16 plus hours of instruction. You watch and listen to Jeff has he guides you through all the settings and operation of each of the 7 Lightroom Modules. Extensive time is spent on the Library Module (over 6 hours) and the Development Module (over 10 hours). At the end of the 12 classes you'll feel comfortable in editing your photos and making them the very best they can be.

The Lightroom Experts at FCCP have gotten together and created 50 Lightroom Tips. These short video tips (5 minutes or less) can be watched on YouTube anytime and on any device (iPad, iPhone and most Androids), and anywhere you have an internet connection. See the FREE samples below (click the white arrow to play).

Our 50 Lightroom Tips are short in duration, in most case 3 minutes or less. This makes it easy to sit through and immediately apply what you've learned. No wadding through hours of talk to get the meat of the subject. Here is a list of a few of the topics covered.

How to Create a Collection, Help I've Lost All My Photos, How to Rotate Images, How to Use Color Labels, How to Use the White Balance Eyedropper, How to Remove Spots with the Spot Removal Tool, How and Why to Use Solo Mode, How to Straighten Images with the Straighten Tool, How to Easily and Quickly Reset Sliders to Zero and How to Filter/Sort Images with Star Filter and 40 more topics to bet started organizing and editing your photos in Lightroom.

The Lightroom Experts have also created 100 Lightroom Develop Presets. These are what you could call genuinely useful presets. They are a bit better thought out, and designed than most, to make post-processing an easier and quicker task. They are created by a photographer that has put them to use over a long period of time and tweaked them until they work well. The best benefit of Develop Presets is that they can save you time, which is always a good thing. But they do more than that, including help you maintain a consistent approach to post-processing and using creative effects. Below are a few examples of what Develop Presets can do for your photos. There is also a link to 5 FREE Develop Presets.

So what does the 50 Lightroom Tips set and 20 plus hours of video classes cost? A lot less than you would think. You can signup for courses from companies like lynda.com or KelbyOne and pay $7 to $30 to rent the course for a limited time. You can purchase courses from Creative Live, KelbyOne and lynda.com for $50 and up. Does it seem expensive? Well yes, specially if you're just starting out and trying to learn software that already cost you almost $150.

This our best value. We are making the complete set of 10 class videos available for just $30. This is $20 off the regular price. You'll also receive our set of 100 Lightroom Development Presets for free, a $20 value. Lastly, you'll receive our complete set of 50 Lightroom Tips videos for FREE, a $20 value.

You only want the 50 Lightroom Tips? The FCCP Volume 1, 50 Lightroom Tips, is just $20 for FCCP Members. You'll have 24/7 access to the videos on YouTube, forever. If you want to purchase a DVD (2 volume set) it's just $50, plus $5 for shipping and handling and you'll also have access to the YouTube videos

You only want the 100 Develop Presets? The FCCP 100 Develop Presets Volume 1 is available for just $20. They come with instructions for installing them correctly on your Mac or PC.

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Still not sure you need these tutorials or have concerns about the quality? Here are 5 FREE samples from Volume 1, 50 Lightroom Tips.






Here is a sample of our 2 hour weekly class. The video is just under two hours and covers some of the basics of the Lightroom interface, the Library Module and much more.


Here are several before and after examples of using two of the 100 Lightroom Develop Presets.

FCCP Lightroom Develop Preset 016 Vivid Max Landscape

FCCP Lightroom Develop Preset 038 Lighten 2 Stops w/Curve

Click here to download your 5 FREE Lightroom Develop Presets (https://app.box.com/s/ut76gtk3scn7my6q4rvxqll7id45cq9m)

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