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Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers is the worlds largest hypnosis, hypnotherapy, nlp, eft and self help practice intensive. It was started in NYC by Professor John Petrocelli over 20 years ago and has chapters coast to coast and throughout the world. Others have imitated Sleepwalkers but never have duplicated the sheer success. In previous years, many of the original founding members have moved on, creating careers, families and have become names in the industry. The original founder, Professor John Petrocelli recently retired from a 37 year practice in NYC doing intensive 2-7 hour hypnotherapy sessions, achieving amazing results and is now teaching Veterans his unique style of hypnotherapy ... And as long as he is here in Florida, we're taking advantage of it.

If you have an interest in improving your life, helping others, creating a career, moving ahead, achieving more self confidence ... this group is for you. Don't just join, but make a commitment to SHOW UP.

Our antique and original website is - http://www.sleepwalkersworldwide.com/ - but our group predated the internet. Join Professor Petrocelli, Bill Lukas and the gang on a self insightful journey that will change your life.

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