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Florida Outdoor Adventures
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Caliridion Travel
This is our/your Eastern U.S. Florida Based Parent Travel Meetup Group for ALL Travel Related Events including Group Travel, #SunsetSunday @..... dinners and our informative "Urban Walkabouts", #WorldImagined to a #BetterLIfe and Volunteer Events where we are of service Giving Back being Goodwill Ambassadors to each other and where we make wherever we're at HOME. Open to ALL ideas and suggestions for Travel Related FUN!!! @ https://www.meetup.com/CaliridionTravel/ . ***Open to Co-Organizers to help with creating events. Please contact and Thanks.

Goodwill Ambassadors Travel
Our/your West Coast L.A. Based Parent Meetup Group for ALL Travel Related Events including Group Travel, #SunsetSunday @..... dinners, informative "Urban Walkabouts", #WorldImagined to a #BetterLIfe and Volunteer Events where we are of service Giving Back being Goodwill Ambassadors to each other and where we make wherever we're at HOME is https://www.meetup.com/GoodwillAmbassadorsTravel . See our about section for our other 2 groups in the west.

I am as many of us Blessed to be involved in multi projects/businesses on the U.S. West Coast and U.S. East Coast. Suggestions are always welcomed to make these Meetup Groups Better and Better!!! Thanks, Steven.

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Best Practices for Events Steven Caliridion is Hosting

1) 3 days prior to event start time we will close event and host/guide Steven Caliridion will send a Confirmation Requested E-Mail to all those reserving tickets via Eventbrite and for those on Meetup with a status of GOING. Additionally we will give a confirmation notice in the comments section of Event in Meetup Groups where posted. We Request Confirmation Reply via E-Mail to Host/Guide up to 24hrs. before start time of most events. ***Confirmation via email reply is the easiest way for host/guide of event to create a list of Confirmed Going vs attendees confirming via multiple methods. If no confirmation is received by 24hrs. prior to event start time spot(s) will be released to any on a wait-list and those not confirming will be moved to Not-Going. For those on a wait-list spots will be released via E-Mail with Confirmation Reply Requested from Host/Guide up to 12 hrs. prior to event. Once maximum number of spots have been confirmed all others on a wait-list will be given notice that event has maxed out.

2) 12 hrs. prior to most events host post anticipated number of attendees based on confirmations. This also should be the latest host Steven Caliridion cancels or changes an event if a minimum of 6 is not achieved, weather related and/or other unforeseen issues are encountered.

3) Habitual changing status from Going to Not-Going on Meetup or canceling Eventbrite reserved ticket 12hrs. or less prior to event start time is cause for person(s) being flagged.

4) Host Steven Caliridion will be available on the FREE Zello 2-Way Walkie Talkie Communication APP https://zello.com/personal/download/ East U.S. Caliridion Travel Channel https://zello.com/caliridiontravel or West U.S. Goodwill Ambassadors Travel Channel https://zello.com/goodwillambassadorstravel 1.5hrs prior to event start time for Instant 2-Way Walkie Talkie style communication to help in all regards. IE: Directions. This is easier with a faster reply than messaging.

5) Host Steven Caliridion will be at event 15mins. Prior to start time for meet&greet and so event can start promptly at start time since everyone's time is valuable. Any Late Arrival may get updated info via the FREE Zello 2-WayWalkie Talkie Communication APP mentioned above vs messaging which is easier and faster for the host/guide to respond.

6) 3x that a confirmed attendee fails to show at an event without changing status Going to Not-Going or canceling Eventbrite reserved ticket is cause for removal from group and/or not confirmed for further events on Meetup and Eventbrite.

***All notices above and last minute notices will be given in the comments section of meetup event and also in the discussion section of event via the hosting Facebook Page/Group. This is an additional way all attendees can stay updated and on any last minute changes to event.

***Most events Steven Caliridion Host will be min. of 6.

Upcoming events (4+)

Astounding Antarctica


January 25th - February 6th, 2022

Our friends at Photofly Travel Club ( https://www.photoflytravel.com/ ) have planned an unbelievable adventure to Antarctica!

Go here to sign up: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/antarctica-group-tours/

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

This "lost world" truly is like traveling to another planet! The unbelievable landscapes, animals, colors, and light make Antarctica a premiere destination for photographers, adventure travelers, nature lovers, history buffs, & just about every other type of traveler out there! Our travel club has partnered with the best specialized operator in the industry taking groups to the Arctic and Antarctic for over 25 years!

P.S. It's obviously quite expensive getting to the most remote place on earth, but we encourage you to research other options out there so you can see how incredible our value is!

Getting There...(~3 nights)

* Night 1: We sail the mountain-fringed Beagle Channel for the remainder of the evening.
* Day 2-3: Crossing the Drake Passage. Along the way we'll enjoy fascinating lectures by experts in marine biology, mountaineering, Antarctic research, & more.

- Wildlife Along the Way: Wandering albatrosses, grey-headed albatrosses, black-browed albatrosses, light-mantled sooty albatrosses, cape pigeons, southern fulmars, Wilson’s storm petrels, blue petrels, and Antarctic petrels are a few of the birds we might see.

Exploring Antarctica...(~5-6 nights)

"Antarctica’s surreal remoteness, extreme cold, enormous ice shelves and mountain ranges, and myriad exotic life forms invariably challenge you to embrace life fully...Antarctica is home to some of the world’s most extraordinary species. Some, such as the enormous whales, migrate from afar, while others, including the Weddell seal and emperor penguin, remain close to the continent. Antarctica possesses an unnameable quality. Call it inspiration, call it grandeur…it is simply the indescribable feeling of being a small speck in a vast, harshly beautiful land. To let our minds soar in a place nearly free of humankind’s imprint: this is magic." -Lonely Planet

Neumayer Channel: Great for multiple basecamp activities from the protected waters around Wiencke Island. We can enjoy the splendors of this alpine environment at sea with Zodiac and kayaking trips, possible snowshoe hikes, and soft-climb mountaineering options farther inland.

Pléneau & Petermann Islands: Sail through the stunning and world famous Lemaire Channel in search of Adélie penguins and blue-eyed shags. Also a good chance we'll encounter humpback, minke whales, & leopard seals here! Kayaking, glacier walks, and more ambitious mountaineering trips are the potential activities of this location.

Neko Harbor: An epic landscape of mammoth glaciers and endless wind-carved snow, Neko Harbor offers opportunities for a Zodiac cruise and landing that afford the closest views of the surrounding alpine peaks.

Paradise Bay: We have the chance to make camp here like a true polar explorer enjoying a supreme overnight Antarctic adventure!

Activities & Adventures

*Shore excursions and Zodiac cruises to enjoy wildlife and nature experiences
*Overnight camping opportunity with gear provided
*Kayaking (optional)
*Photography workshops
*Mountaineering (optional)
*Onboard interactive workshops
*International airfare not included

*Don't forget to e-mail us for the daily itinerary for our Antarctica small group tours ([masked])

Available rooms:

Quad Cabin (4 twin beds/both bunk beds; 2 portholes)
Twin Cabin Porthole (2 twin beds; 2 portholes)
Twin Cabin Window (2 twin beds; 2 windows)
Twin Cabin Deluxe (2 twin beds; small sofa; 3 windows)
Superior Double (1 double bed; 1 sofa bed; 2 windows)

*For our solo travelers, we will pair you up with same sex UNLESS single occupancy is requested to have your own room. Prices begin at $9,395, please message directly for pricing and availability.

St. Petersburg Seafood and Music Festival

Williams park

St. Petersburg Seafood & Music Festival

ATTENTION General admission has been revised! See below

January 28-30, 2022, St. Petersburg, FL

Join us on January 28-30, 2022 in Williams Park for the 4th Annual St. Petersburg Seafood & Music Festival. Festivities begin Friday evening from 4pm-10pm and continue Saturday 11am-10pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. Come enjoy downtown St. Petersburg with friends and family. The event is graciously co-hosted by the City of St. Petersburg. General admission is FREE!

Select from delectable foods cooked on site incorporating the freshest ingredients by local restaurants and food purveyors. A variety of seafood entrees and vegetarian dishes will be available, along with a diversity of side dishes and desserts, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

While enjoying your meal, sit back and relax to musical entertainment consisting of live on-stage performances by some of the most creative and talented musicians from both the local and regional circuit. Friday starts the weekend off with stellar performances by: the Stormbringer (rock), Albert Castiglia (blues) and Pat Travers (rock). Saturday sees performances by the outstanding musicians and groups: Joshua Scott Jones (rootsy rock, country), Selwyn Birchwood (electric swamp funkin' blues), the Soul Circus Cowboys (Southern rock), Black Honkeys (funk, rock, R&B) and the Atlanta Rhythm Section (classic rock). The 'finale' on Sunday will give you stellar performances by the Hummingbirds (country, blues), Sean Chambers (blues, rock), and Hooten Hallers (rock, jazz, R&B, soul). The Band Performance schedule showing musicians and performances times is shown to the right.

Gather family members and friends to enjoy the food, music and beautiful views of downtown St. Petersburg. Enjoy - relaxing! And as an added bonus: shop a marketplace of arts, crafts and fine products between musical performances!

NOTE: Only service dogs are permitted on the event grounds.


January 28-30, 2022


Friday 4pm-10pm; Saturday 11am-10pm; Sunday 11am-6pm


General admission is FREE for children age 14 and younger, all days of the event. For children 15 and older and yes, we adults (aka: 'older children'), admission is $10 on Friday, $15 on Saturday and $7 on Sunday. Tickets can be purchased at the gate or in advance on EventLive.com. Clicking on the EventL

Over 50 Singles Valentine's Day Happy Hour, Fun & Games, Prizes. Free Event

Raffurty's Bar and Grill

Come join us for Sarasota's Over 50 Singles Valentine's Day Happy Hour, Fun Mixer Games and Prizes. Indoor & Outdoor Seating Available. Guarantee you are going to have the best Valentine’s Day ever! Free event.
- Hosted by the Sarasota Over 50 Meetup Group.

Raffurty's is one of our favorite venues. This is going to be a fun mixer.

Happy Hour (4 PM to 7 PM) - $2.50 Domestic Drafts - $1 Off Bottle Beer - $1 Off Well Drinks - $6 and $8 House Wines - $1 Off Other Select Wines

Our group has reserved the upstairs outside deck and upper inside lounge. They've just remodeled the upstairs area and it's amazing!

Menu (Great prices):

Venue Website:

Feel free to come anytime during this event. The venue is providing space and extra staffing to accommodate us.

How to find us:
1. If you parked in the garage you will enter Rafferty's on the 2nd floor.
2. If entering from the front , go inside the first floor and up the stairs.
3. We have the entire second floor reserved for our event.
4. Look for our yellow smiley face signs.

Raffurty's has an attached parking garage. The entrance is on Links Ave just off Ringling. There is a Raffurty's entrance on the second floor of the free parking garage that leads you right into the area where we will be.

Please wear your group name necklace if you have one. It helps our new members find us. Most of all bring your smile and have fun!

Colorful Cuba


Colorful Cuba

March 1 - March 9, 2022

Join Here: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/cuba-small-group-tours/

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

Our friends at PhotoFly Travel Club are relaunching their Colorful Cuba tour. It is an excellent program full of surprises, fun, and off the beaten path sights - and it is 100% legal! Take this once in a lifetime trip to this undisturbed Caribbean gem!

* 8N/9D throughout the best of Cuba with amazing off the path experiences!
* One-of-a-kind "casa particulares" (small converted homes & guesthouses!)
* Privately guided adventures and local experts throughout
* Breakfast every day
* 3 Dinners, 4 Lunches INCLUDED
* Legal, licensed & permitted program with all USA compliance requirements met under the SCP Program

Email us directly at [masked] to receive a detailed daily itinerary!


* Old Havana: Privately guided walking tour including many of the historical sites

* "Fusterlandia" & Jaimanitas Fishing Village: Colorful fishing village made famous by local artist, Jose Fuster, outside Havana


* Unesco Biosphere Reserve

* Callejon de Hamel: Street art project where resident Salvador Gonzáles Escalona has decorated and painted in vibrant colors a pedestrian alleyway with scrap objects

* Las Terrazas: Mountain community was built as a reforestation project in the 1960s and is now part of the same UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

* Orchid Garden: Specialized botanical garden, with a collection of 20,000 specimens and more than 350 species of orchids


* Sustainable Farm Discovery: Cuban farmer and his family who'll show us around their organic farm and explain the methods they use to grow their produce without pesticides or artificial fertilizers

* Valley Walking Tour & Tobacco Plantation: A beautiful walk through the valley to a local tobacco farm to learn about the making of Cuba’s famous cigars

* Cuban Cooking Class: Learn to cook Cuban-style with a cooking demonstration of 'platos tipicos'.


* Bay of Pigs: Scenic drive along the site where the Bay of Pigs occurred in 1961.

* Sinkhole or Ocean Snorkel: Stop for a swim and snorkel in the ocean or by a sinkhole which resembles a huge natural tropical fish tank.

* Guided Orientation Walk & Palacio de Valle : A short walk to see and learn the local landmarks followed by a visit to the Palacio de Valle, an "Arabian Nights" like aspiring restaurant with a fantastic terrace bar.


* Guided Trinidad Walk: Cultural tour of numerous churches, museums, and many colonial buildings

* Learn to Bartend: Bartending demonstration and discussion of the history behind Cuba’s most popular cocktails.

* Salsa Lesson: Visit a local dance school for a demonstration and lesson in the dances of Cuba

* Salto de Javira Waterfall: An easy hike to this beautiful waterfall, perfect for photos and a dip to cool off.

* Dinner on the Beach: Weather permitting, we'll celebrate this amazing journey together with a feast on the beach!

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

Price: $2,295.00
Single Supplement: $695.00

Check out our club's official trip page: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/cuba-small-group-tours/

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