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Everything is free at this friendly naturist social club, which is the largest nudist group in southwest Florida. (All expenses are paid by the group's leaders, Peter Kacalanos and Suzanne Cherney.) The club currently has over 1,400 members, both individuals and couples, who get free memberships, parties, refreshments, excursions, etc. We all enjoy relaxing at the area's nude beaches and nudist resorts, as shown in these photos taken at the club's recent socials. :-)


Newcomers are always welcome at our events, even if they've never before been in mixed nude company. All our get-togethers are clothing-optional. You can attend wearing as much or as little as you like, with no pressure to undress. You'll soon feel comfortable in this safe environment, where children can attend with their parents, and will readily be welcomed by our members. No true naturists ever judge others by their dimensions or age or appearance, so you needn't feel embarrassed about how you look. None of us would ever qualify for a modeling job.


Most of our events take place at the innocent nude pool parties held in the homes and gardens of club members, usually scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays. The club's web site shows when and where the next free party is to be held. Members are also sent an email each time a new party is scheduled. Members can then submit their RSVPs on line to let the hosts know whether the members will or won't be coming. That's how we meet many local naturists who share our love for safe, non-sexual, nude social recreation. We feel you can never have too many naked friends.


All members are encouraged to host a party in their own homes and gardens, setting a limit for the number of members who can register to attend. The most popular location for the nude parties so far has been Peter and Suzanne's place in Naples. Everyone enjoys socializing in the leaders' spacious (36' x 60') screened enclosure, perfectly safe from mosquitoes. The enclosure includes a kidney-shaped swimming pool, with depths raging from three to six feet. The pool is heated at all times to a comfortable 88 degrees by both a heat pump and solar panels. It's ideal for skinnydipping in glorious sunshine, or just floating lazily to relax after working hard all week.


The enclosure is in a half-acre garden, which includes a grove of fruit trees, a raised pineapple plantation, a desert mound of cactus and succulents, a small jungle of banana trees, many flowering shrubs, dozens of bromeliads, and orchids blooming in the shade of a large oak tree and hanging from the enclosure's screen ceiling. Most of the garden is secluded from the neighbors, so it's ideal for nude sunbathing. Peter often gives the group members a nude guided tour of the tropical plantings.


You'll enjoy socializing with our friendly local nudists, sharing light foods and soft drinks brought by generous members, and carpooling to other venues for more naturist activities. If this group sounds like something you might be interested in (whether you're a seasoned nudist or just interested in exploring the experience), you can instantly join Naturists of Southwest Florida for free on its web site with no obligation. (It won't take long, did it?) You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions. For more information or to discuss nude social recreation, you can contact the club's leaders at PeterSuzanne2@hotmail.com or (917) 553-3776.


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Summer's getting hotter. Cool off at our free clothing-optional nude pool party.

Peter and Suzanne's clothing-optional home and garden

Instead of sweating in your hot clothes as summer comes in, enjoy skinny-dipping and socializing with other local nudists at this free non-sexual nude pool party. You can bring along your spouse, your children and your friends, whether or not they've ever before experienced being with naked men and women relaxing in innocent nude social recreation. Your guests can wear as many clothes as they like, or none at all, with no pressure to undress. Our naturist group's parties are held in the homes and gardens of our members, currently totaling over 1,500 couples or singles around Naples and Fort Myers. The June 30 event will take place in the group's favorite party location, the large (36' x 60') screened-in mosquito-free enclosure in the half-acre garden of group leaders Peter Kacalanos and Suzanne Cherney. When you drive to the party, park your car on the gravel island in front of the house, or along the street without blocking any neighbor's driveway, then enter the group leaders' home. Those who choose to be nude can leave their clothes in one of the guest bedrooms. (Nudists always remember to bring along a towel to sit on when they're naked.) Go through the house to the patio in back, fill in the sign-in sheet, then meet some of the other friendly members of this group. The garden's enclosure includes spacious tables under the cooling shade of large umbrellas. Members and guests enjoy soaking in the pool in ideal-temperature comfort, with or without a bathing suit. You can lounge around the two large water lily ponds in which hundreds of goldfish and other fish are also swimming (stark naked!) among the papyrus, lotus and other blooming aquatic plants. Members with gardens can later take home Peter's many excess potted plants; members with ponds can take home his many prolific water plants. Everything in this group is free. At the tables indoors and outdoors, we'll be snacking on Suzanne's popular fruit breads (baked with whatever fruits are currently ripe in their garden) and candied orange peels. Generous members also contribute some foods and drinks to be shared by everyone throughout the party. The friendly conversations created during the snacking and chatting can give visiting non-nudists the opportunity to see that mere social nudism shouldn't be confused with sexuality.​ To show the hosts (and your naturist group friends) whether you will or won't attend this party, click one of the blue RSVP panels near the upper right corner of the screen. The check mark will show you'll attend; the X mark will show you won't. If you're bringing along any guests, add the number who will definitely attend to your RSVP. Ironically, the Meetup program considers each membership to be for one individual person, even if the membership title is something like "John and Mary Smith." So if your partner is coming with you, you still have to add a +1 to your RSVP.​ ​ Single men are strongly encouraged to bring along a female friend (nudist or not) to approximate the male/female gender ratio of the regular population. Anyone registering to attend after the attendance limit is reached will automatically be placed on the Waiting List to take the place of any earlier responder who drops out. Young children don't count in the limit. ​ If you register to attend and then realize you can't, you MUST immediately revise your RSVP (changing from the check mark to the X mark) in sufficient time before the party, letting others on the Waiting List to take your place. Otherwise you'll keep those waiting members from attending the party, which would be very unfair to them, and totally unacceptable. Members registered to attend who don't show up when expected will be marked as "no-shows" in our records and on their profiles on the group's website. If that discourtesy is ever repeated, their membership in the group will be cancelled. We look forward to meeting at this party some of the newest members who recently joined the group. See you then?

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Your non-nudist friends are welcome at our clothing-optional nude pool parties

Peter and Suzanne's clothing-optional home and garden

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