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Florida Outdoor Adventures
Member Owned Created Travel, Experiences and Adventures with a Purpose.
This is our/your Meetup Group for Fun Outdoor Focused Adventures in Florida and surrounding areas such as kayaking, motorcycle rides, fishing, diving, tubing, biking, boating, hiking and more. ***ALL members joining this Group may organize and Post Meetup Events at no charge via this Group. If you would like to become an Event Organizer and start creating events contact us. Make sure you follow the rules below for posting meetups.

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Florida Experiences
This our/your Meetup Group for Florida and Surrounding Area Experiences such as music, museums, parks, dancing, restaurant, parties and other related meetups @ https://www.meetup.com/FloridaExperiences/ ***ALL members joining this Group may organize and Post Meetup Events at no charge via this Group. If you would like to become an Event Organizer and start creating events contact us. Make sure you follow the rules below for posting meetups

Caliridion Travel
This is our/your Eastern U.S. Florida Based Parent Travel Meetup Group for ALL Travel Related Events including Group Travel, #SunsetSunday @..... dinners and our informative "Urban Walkabouts", #WorldImagined to a #BetterLIfe and Volunteer Events where we are of service Giving Back being Goodwill Ambassadors to each other and where we make wherever we're at HOME. is Open to ALL ideas and suggestions for Travel Related FUN!!! @ https://www.meetup.com/CaliridionTravel/ . ***Open to Co-Organizers to help with creating events. Please contact and Thanks.

Goodwill Ambassadors Travel
Our/your West Coast L.A. Based Parent Meetup Group for ALL Travel Related Events including Group Travel, #SunsetSunday @..... dinners, informative "Urban Walkabouts", #WorldImagined to a #BetterLIfe and Volunteer Events where we are of service Giving Back being Goodwill Ambassadors to each other and where we make wherever we're at HOME is https://www.meetup.com/GoodwillAmbassadorsTravel . See our about section for our other 2 groups in the west. ***Open to Co-Organizers to help with creating events. Please contact and Thanks.

I am as many of us Blessed to be involved in multi projects/businesses on the U.S. West Coast and U.S. East Coast. Suggestions are always welcomed to make these Meetup Groups Better and Better!!! Thanks, Steven.

Updated: 12/01/21

Best Practices for Events Steven Caliridion is Hosting

1) 3 days prior to event start time we will close event and host/guide Steven Caliridion will send a Confirmation Requested E-Mail to all those reserving tickets via Eventbrite and for those on Meetup with a status of GOING. Additionally we will give a confirmation notice in the comments section of Event in Meetup Groups where posted. We Request Confirmation Reply via E-Mail to Host/Guide up to 24hrs. before start time of most events. ***Confirmation via email reply is the easiest way for host/guide of event to create a list of Confirmed Going vs attendees confirming via multiple methods. If no confirmation is received by 24hrs. prior to event start time spot(s) will be released to any on a wait-list and those not confirming will be moved to Not-Going. For those on a wait-list spots will be released via E-Mail with Confirmation Reply Requested from Host/Guide up to 12 hrs. prior to event. Once maximum number of spots have been confirmed all others on a wait-list will be given notice that event has maxed out.

2) 12 hrs. prior to most events host post anticipated number of attendees based on confirmations. This also should be the latest host Steven Caliridion cancels or changes an event if a minimum of 6 is not achieved, weather related and/or other unforeseen issues are encountered.

3) Habitual changing status from Going to Not-Going on Meetup or canceling Eventbrite reserved ticket 12hrs. or less prior to event start time is cause for person(s) being flagged.

4) Host Steven Caliridion will be available on the FREE Zello 2-Way Walkie Talkie Communication APP https://zello.com/personal/download/ East U.S. Caliridion Travel Channel https://zello.com/caliridiontravel or West U.S. Goodwill Ambassadors Travel Channel https://zello.com/goodwillambassadorstravel 1.5hrs prior to event start time for Instant 2-Way Walkie Talkie style communication to help in all regards. IE: Directions. This is easier with a faster reply than messaging.

5) Host Steven Caliridion will be at event 15mins. Prior to start time for meet&greet and so event can start promptly at start time since everyone's time is valuable. Any Late Arrival may get updated info via the FREE Zello 2-WayWalkie Talkie Communication APP mentioned above vs messaging which is easier and faster for the host/guide to respond.

6) 3x that a confirmed attendee fails to show at an event without changing status Going to Not-Going or canceling Eventbrite reserved ticket is cause for removal from group and/or not confirmed for further events on Meetup and Eventbrite.

***All notices above and last minute notices will be given in the comments section of meetup event and also in the discussion section of event via the hosting Facebook Page/Group. This is an additional way all attendees can stay updated and on any last minute changes to event.

***Most events Steven Caliridion Host will be min. of 6.

Before posting your meetup, come back here and check the rules for posting a meetup BEFORE you post to make sure your meetup is acceptable. Meetups not following these rules will be deleted.
You can post anything you like as long as it's not
- Something offensive (you have some leeway here, just don't piss people off).
***Group Trips should be posted on Caliridion Travel and/or Goodwill Ambassadors Travel Groups. Contact if you would like to be able to create trips and post. ***
- Something illegal
- Something that's similar to a craigslist post.
- Something that is overtly or covertly promotional without express permission in advance of The Admin of the group
- Something that is trying to promote an App or Website or Social Media. Hooch or other scams are not allowed.
- Posts of events of other groups is OK WITH permission of The Admin. No links to other groups. The event must be able to stand on its own. Do NOT divert or direct members to other groups.
NO OUTSIDE LINKS ALLOWED UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY: Outside links are links to websites, or social media or anything. You are only allowed to use outside links if they are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to your meetup, AND you get prior approval from Admin. If you do not have approval: the links or event will be removed.
DO NOT E-MAIL MESSAGE THE GROUP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES: You may not email members or message the group via meetup using the bulk email feature for any reason, if you think or feel you need to do so, message The Admin to do it for you. ***You MAY message and/or email those that already RSVPd to CONFIRM GOING to your event or to let them know about any changes. Do this directly and NOT with the bulk email feature. Violation of this will result in immediate removal, and then you can explain after and get back in the group.
SPAM: If you use the "discussion box" feature or if you use bulk email to spam groups you will be removed. There is zero tolerance for spam from Event Organizers or Members of this group. This group will not be associated with allowing spam. Do not overuse the discussion box since we ALL receive more than enough messages/e-mails to try to weed through.
YOU MUST ATTEND YOUR OWN MEETUP: You must host the meetup in-person and be present at your own meetup. You must least a clear way and where for people to meetup at the event. If there is a no host event you will be asked to add a host or the event will be removed. https://Meetup.com rules state there are no "No Host" events allowed.
THE MORE NOTICE THE BETTER: Meetups MUST be posed at least 1 day in advance, but the more the better. Please don't post any same-day or last-minute meetups; it's not enough time for people to make plans to attend. Four weeks advance will get you the most RSVP's
Important:::MEETUPS MUST BE MEETUP ORIENTED and ***related to what the Group is about.***
DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE ANYONE ELSE'S MEETUP: Admin will ban anyone that edits or deletes someone else's meetup without their permission.
Frequency: It is ideal to NOT repeat an event less than 6 weeks. There are exceptions. Just ask The Admin if you wish to post carbon copy events in less time. This rule is aimed at event promoters or bands. Repeating a band at a different location is a repeat. If you think The Admin will see your event as a copy that you are promoting, then contact first and ask for permission
Money: If your event has a charge of more than $10 You MUST message the main admin BEFORE you post.
MEETUPS THAT VIOLATE THE ABOVE RULES WILL BE EDITED or DELETED. The person who posted it may receive a warning afterwards or they may be removed and placed on hold pending sorting out of any issues. IF your event is Edited or Deleted contact The Admin. Do NOT re-insert removed content.
If any negative issues are suspected or encountered please contact us directly @ GoodwillAmbassadorTravel@gmail.com

Upcoming events (4+)

Boatstock 2022 at Boca Ciega Bay | Mad Beach

Needs a location

Let's meetup and paddle together to Boatstock 2022


Headliner: Stormbringer; Rock, Reggie, and DJ music lineup.

This is an annual FREE event in Mad Beach with a floating stage live music festival on Boca Ciega Bay. We will be a small paddle crew joining many, many other paddle and boater crews. This is the largest paddle event of the year so there will be roughly 500+ paddlers and thousands of boaters.

We'll help each other with coordinating board drop off, free parking, car pool, and launch into Madeira Beach's Boca Ciega Bay directly to front stage and paddle only zone designated for kayaks, paddle boards, and floaties.

I recommend installing the app whatthreewords to find our exact location once we're on the water, which will be posted in the comments once we get situated.

DT St. Pete to Johns Pass 25mile RT Bikeabout Mural Tour

Needs a location

Since this Group/all groups (see below) are Member Owned if any want to Create Events for FREE contact us so we can change you to an Event Organizer. Thanks for Creating FUN. Please read the about section for each Group as we desire to differentiate each Groups Focus. Group Trips fit better on the Groups: Goodwill Ambassadors Travel, Caliridion Travel and if Applicable Utah Experiences & Adventures.

{[ If your Status as Going to this Event Changes, Please Change your Status.]}

### A minimum of 6 CONFIRMED total is needed via multiple site postings of event for event to not be canceled by host/guide 12hrs. prior to event start time. ***Weather may cancel event.

Let's Meetup on the front porch of the Iconic Vinoy Hotel/Resort then let's Leisurely Bikeabout 10-12mph with curated Host/Guide stops from DT St. Pete to Johns Pass on the Coast and back. We will have time 1hr. approx. to enjoy sightseeing and lunch at Johns Pass where there is a multitude of options for all taste. Allow for 4.5 hours since we will explore and have photo ops of the multitude of murals in St. Pete. This is a LEISURE/Laidback ride Attendees assume all responsibility. Approx. Map route https://goo.gl/maps/Uxn5MkkzHFjHbs1S6 . Plenty of FREE Parking close by.

***Look for Host/Guide Steven Caliridion with a Goodwill Ambassadors Travel T-Shirt near the Vinoy Front Porch with a Red Bike & Red Helmet. ***Host/Guide is/are not liable for Injury and/or Loss from attending this event. We Recommend Social Distancing and/or Masking where needed.

***Instant 2way Radio Communication for this Event is via the https://zello.com/caliridiontravel channel on the FREE Zello APP https://zello.com/personal/download/ starting 1.5 hrs. before event start time. Once event starts this is the most instant communication with host/guide available. Host/Guide Phone Number given after confirmation of GOING received.

Member Owned Meetup Groups in Florida:

***Any wanting to create events for FREE on any of our sites contact us.

🚲🎖️Memorial Day Charity Bike Ride American Freedom Distillery, 3 route choices


Enjoy a Benefit Ride with a patriot or for a patriot! Together, we raise funds to support our local first responders, veterans, and wounded heroes.


Ride, run or walk the loop that suits you, and come together post-ride for a great party. Honor the fallen with fellow Patriots and local heroes at the awesome American Freedom Distillery facility - located right off the Pinellas Trail “Start and Finish” line of the rides. Enjoy music, corn-hole toss, a light snack, and beverages. Come rain or shine!

Once you hit the finish line, join us for the After Party! at the American Freedom Distillery. Together we ride in Honor of our FALLEN HEROES during and the Post Ride - After Party. There will be a tour of the American Freedom’s Distillery (AFD) which is included in registration, raffle items and a 50/50 raffle!

AMERICAN FREEDOM DISTILLERY[masked]th Avenue S., St. Petersburg (Located on the Pinellas Trail!)

SCHEDULE: May 30, 2022
7:30AM-8:10: Rider Check-in
8:10AM-8:30 AM: Welcome and Briefing
8:30 Riders Depart
9:30AM-11AM: Riders Return
10AM-12:PM: After-Party!

There are several ways that you can support Ride4RHS. Register to ride with team MEETUP or you can sponsor a hero! Don't want to ride, but want to party? Support the event by purchasing an After Party ticket.
Note: if you registered to ride, your wristband automatically enters you into the After Party!

You must register online by May 28th, your RSVP here does NOT get you admission! Register at https://www.rememberhonorsupport.org/ride4rhs. See more RSVPS at https://www.meetup.com/funbiketrips/

Choose from 3 routes:
(1) Cobb Loop 12.8 miles (AFD - Cobb Theater - AFD) - See Route Map
includes 4 bridge crossings – 2 outbound and 2 on return.

(2) JT Memorial Loop 35.7 miles (AFD - Bay Pines VA – AFD- John Taylor Park) - See Route Map
https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35604099 The Memorial Loop (Bay Pines VA) route includes 10 bridge crossings - 5 outbound and 5 on the return. John Taylor Park Loop 32.4 miles (AFD - John Taylor Park - AFD) - The route includes 18 bridge crossings - 9 outbound and 9 on return

(3) St. Pete Scenic Loop 22.3 miles route visits the Pinellas and Skyway trails, Clam Bayou, St. Pete Pink Streets, then downtown to Demen's Landing Police Memorial and returns to the AFD.

See Route Map https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33008609

You must register online by May 28th, your RSVP here does NOT get you admission! Put team name as "MEETUP- Tampa Bay Cycling & Friends".

A $45 donation to join. https://www.rememberhonorsupport.org/ride4rhs

Parking is available in the field behind The Urban Stillhouse. Look for signs and attendees off 5th Ave S.

You are riding at your own risk.

We recommend all safety equipment, identification, water, and proper cycling etiquette - Helmets are MANDATORY.

This is a Rain or Shine event. No refunds or transfers. The safety of our patriots is our most important concern and if any of the threatening weather conditions are present the day of the event the event may be delayed or canceled.

RHS needs ride leadership and sweepers! PLEASE let us know you can help lead or sweep a route for this charity. When registering you can check off the box “I want to be a Ride Leader or Sweep Ride”.

See 29 photos from prior year, hit slide show, https://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Bay-Cycling/photos/30020158/481701040/


If you want information on multi-day biking or kayaking events just sign up below to get first offerings. We anticipate no more than 14 emails a year.

To Sign Up For Biking >> https://vr2.verticalresponse.com/s/websitesignupform40681930231007

For FUN KAYAK TRIPS Sign up at >> https://vr2.verticalresponse.com/s/websitesignupform0106202220617pm

Spectacular Spain!

Needs a location

May 30 - June 8, 2022

Our friends at PhotoFly Travel Club (http://www.photoflytravel.com/) have invited us to a one of a kind adventure throughout the best of Spain! The Spectacular Spain Adventure is an experience exactly as it sounds and we're happy to visit again.

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

Sign up at: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/spain-small-group-tours/

  • 9 nights/10 days throughout Barcelona (Catalonia) and Southern Spain (Andalusia)
  • Private local guides throughout
  • Breakfast daily
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinner Celebrations
  • One Domestic Flight INCLUDED (Barcelona → Granada)

Barcelona (3 Nights)

Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonia region in Spain, is a cultural masterpiece of a city. With world class museums, a gorgeous waterfront, delicious food & wine, and vibrant night life, there is something for everyone here.

– Enjoy boutique hotel steps from the Gothic Quarter
– Guided gastronomy adventure through Boqueria Food Market
– Explore the Gothic Quarter
– Tapas lunch
– Visit Sagrada Familia

Optional Day Adventure to Montserrat & the Costa Brava

A picturesque cable car ride to the top will take us to a historic monastery.

– The Royal Basilica at Montserrat
– The Costa Brava: Follow the coastal route to admire the breath-taking sea-cliffs, coves, & quaint fishing villages

Wonders of the South, Andalucía (6 Nights): Domestic Flight included

– 6 Nights throughout Granada, Ronda, Rio Tinto, Cadiz, & Seville

Granada (2 Nights)

It’s best known for the Alhambra, a grand, sprawling hilltop fortress encompassing royal palaces, serene patios, and reflecting pools from the Nasrid dynasty.

– Alhambra Palace
– Stroll through the Alcazaba (fortress), the royal baths, and the palace of Charles the Fifth
– Generalife Gardens
– Guided walk through Albayzin and the center of Granada

National Park of Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras

The region of mountain villages known as Las Alpujarras clings to the southern flanks of the Sierra Nevada, cut by deep, sheltered valleys & gorges that run towards the Mediterranean.

– Guided hiking in the park exploring the most picturesque mountain villages
– Village road trip en route back to Granada with stops at Pampaneira, Bubion, & Capileira

El Torcal Nature Reserve

En route to Ronda we’ll stop at El Torcal Park Nature Reserve, known for it’s unusual limestone rock formations.

– Three guided options for a nature walk or hike while in the park
– Lunch with spectacular views of of the lake and mountains at the white village of Zahara de La Sierra

El Caminito del Rey

The incredible views, its fascinating history, and its undeniable spectacularity have made the excursion a must when near Malaga.

– We’ll enjoy a guided walk along the side of the gorge (literally)

Sierra de Ronda (1 Night)

The millennial city of Ronda possesses one of the most beautiful historical centers of Spain.

– Guided excursions throughout the highlights of Ronda
– Lunch in Arcos de la Frontera with spectacular views

Seville (2 Nights)

Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville has a rich Moorish heritage, and used to be a prosperous port that carried out trade with the Americas.

– Guided excursion throughout the highlights of Seville
– Stroll through the Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz and visit the royal Palace of Alcazar

Tarifa (1 Night)

– Costa de la Luz Cliff Walk (Andalusia Coastline)
– The southernmost point of Spain

  • International Airfare is NOT included
  • All Taxes, Fees, & Transfers Included

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary of our Spain small group tours!

Join Us!

*For our solo travelers I will pair you up with someone of the same sex unless single occupancy is requested.

Price: $2,995.00

*Single Supplement: $595.00


Deposit: $600.00

Go here to sign up: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/spain-small-group-tours/

Past events (89)

Bayshore, Davis I, Riverwalk, DT Tampa and Ybor City Bikeabout Tour

Needs a location

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