Neuro-Science of How to Release Pain

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Every one of us has experienced pain. Some pain is good and some pain is bad. Good pain warns you to stop an activity and avoid causing further damage. For instance, touch a hot burner and your unconscious mind will automatically and instantly withdraw your body from this threat. Once the tissues have healed, usually within a short period of time, the pain subsides and you get on with your life.

Bad pain, what is medically described as chronic pain, will persist long after the tissues have healed and the causation of pain is removed. Chronic pain is an empirical medical catastrophe. The medical “Biomechanical” model of pain has failed to eliminate chronic pain and created the Opioid crisis.

The latest breakthrough in the Neuro-Science of Pain teaches us that pain is actually a psychological and emotional experience as well as a physical experience.

Join us as we learn and practice natural, drug-free, and surgery-free methods for eliminating and releasing pain NOW! Bring your mat, wear comfortable clothing for movement, and join us as you will learn to RELEASE YOUR PAIN.

Dr. Bruce Costello is a national presenter on Bodywork & Healing. He has 40+ years experience as a massage therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, exercise specialist and health and wellness coach.

FREE Miracle Healing Tool to first 10 participants.

$20.00 for workshop.