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An evening journey of discovery about Flower and vibrational essences.

Are you wanting to clear that sluggish after the holiday festivities feeling and in need of an emotional boost. Come and be astounded by the theraputic benefits of Kki Essences, an inspiration talk by Kki Essences founder, Practitioner and Producer Nikki-Marianna Hope.

Introduction, covering the discovery by Dr Masaru Emoto that water holds a vibrational energy or imprint and how scientists photograph this. The work of Dr Edward Bach, the British medical doctor, who discovered the principles of making a flower and vibrational essence in the 1930’s which forms the basis of current essence production.

During the evening you will experience some of the people, landscapes and journeys through Hawaii and New Zealand where Nikki-Marianna created two ranges of amazing essences, The Hawaiian Trilogy and Messingers of Light. You will also have the opportunity to experience the effects of three Kki Essences, by misting them around you.

Photos and video clips of swimming with Spinner dolphins followed by the midnight volcanic eruption on Hawaii Big Island which gave birth to ‘Kiluaea Volcano’ essence this “re-ignites the fire in your belly”.

Photos and video clips of the stunt plane flight above the Kahurangi Mountain range in South Island during which ‘Into the unknown’ essence was created it brings “courage to defy doubt and fear when you feel alone”

A photographic walk through the atmospheric limestone and marble Ngaru Caves in South Island where Connect - Be Happy essence came into being, this enhances our ability to “go ‘inside’ for answers”.

Nikki-Marianna will be pleased to answer questions about these essences and receive your feedback during the evening.

On Thursday 19th January 7.30 – 9pm at Seale Natural Health near Farnham

£10 per person on arrival. Please book with me in advance as places are limited to 9 people. nikki@kkiessences.net or phone 0791 871 5011

Phone Nikki 0791 871 5011 or email nikki@kkiessences.net

Nikki is an advanced Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner and member of the BFVEA

http://www.bfvea.com Nikki Marianna is the Producer of KKi essences http://kkiessences.net (http://kkinaturally.net/essences.html)

and member of BAFEP http://www.bafep.com

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