What we're about

We are an Awakening Spiritual Community that welcomes all who walk thru our doors and supports a community of people living in Oneness.

We accept, honor, meet and energetically hold each other where and as each of us chooses to walk through life.

We strive to provide a safe, open and non-judgmental space in which each one of us feels welcome and held.

We offer a physical and energetic environment in which personal transformation is possible and supported.

We offer a community meeting once a week on Monday nights to bring us all into higher states of consciousness and continue our growth. All of our other offerings support and deepen this growth.

Our Center lives in harmony with, respect for, and support of its natural surroundings and operates as a high-energy point on the global leyline network.

Upcoming events (5+)

Ecstatic Dance

Flowering Heart Center

Join us for a conscious movement experience - the perfect way to release anything remaining from the previous week and to prepare for the week ahead. Leave feeling clear, light and blissful. One of Chicago's most popular DJ's will be playing music. $15. February 3 - DJ Roman February 10- DJ RedLox February 17 - DJ RedLox February 24 - DJ Omar March 3rd - DJ Roman March 10 - DJ RedLox March 24 - DJ RedLox Guidelines for making the space safe and sacred: No drugs or Alcohol. No talking Observe Conscious boundaries in relating to others.

Meditation Bliss Circle and Sound Healing

Flowering Heart Center

Join us for very powerful meditation to open up the energy, release blockages and lift you into bliss. From there, receive a deeksha or benediction of grace to enhance your connection with Source. Alchemy bowls may also be used to lift the vibration. This is our Community night. All are welcome. Donations gratefully accepted.

Kirtan & Kitchery (1st & 3rd Wednesdays), Sound Medicine (2nd & 4th Wednesdays)

Join Harmony and let’s celebrate this moment together as we sing, pray, chant, laugh and elevate our energies together at the Flowering Heart Center. This will be a regular event on Wednesdays now. The 1st and 3rd Wednesday will be Kirtan and the 2nd and 4th week will be Sound Medicine. Kirtan involves chanting to bring us all into a very high state of consciousness. Harmony leads the changes and plays the harmonium. She is accompanied by Brandon on the drums. Kitchery, a nourishing rice dish, will be served at the end to the session. Sound Medicine is a deeply relaxing experience where you can lay down and receive energy healing and listen to beautiful music. Hot apple cider will be served at the end of this event. Please invite your friends and family as you all help create the vibes. $20 admission, $10 for students, Children under 13 free. We are a 5019(c)3 so your contribution may be tax deductible. No RSVP required. Everyone is welcome

Manifest your Beloved

Flowering Heart Center

Join Harmony and Kristin for a powerful sacred flower ceremony to call in your Beloved. Dress to meet your beloved for the first time. We will be chanting a powerful mantra to call in your beloved. After each round of 108 we will offer a shower of flowers. This delightful process will be filled with joy and abundance. You will leave this event feeling full of love and ready to call in your beloved energy. Bathing in flowers and love. Because of the nature of this event, pre-registration is needed (for flowers). Pre-registration price: $40 which includes flowers for the process. Cookies and tea are available. $50 at the door. Email all questions to: [masked]

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