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Learn Remembrance
It is my understanding that the very profound and holy practice of Remembrance is based on the Old Testament phrase "Remember My name in the night." In the Sufi tradition it can be used in many ways, but the foundational way is simply as a practice that one does, preferably for at least an hour. It can also be used to receive guidance, get help, heal physical, emotional or spiritual issues and more. This class will be an introduction to using it as a practice. It is a simple practice to learn well enough to begin your practice, and of course, as with any spiritual practice, you learn to go deeper and deeper as you practice. if you would like to learn the basics, please join me most Wednesdays at 6:30 (please arrive before 6:30 so we can start promptly). If you would like to learn it in greater depth, please call or see me after the group. At 7:15 we will have a group spiritual practice (see separate listing) in which we can sit and do Remembrance together. You are welcome to come to this teaching whether or not you attend the spiritual practice group. We will end by about 7:10 so that we can have a short break before starting the group. There is no charge for this class, though donations are gratefully accepted. Because a large percentage of people who register do not actually attend, I am reluctantly instituting a deposit system. In order to register you will have to pay a $6 "fee". If you attend, you can either leave the $6 as a donation or you can let me know that you'd like a refund and I will process that the next day.

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We are all here on a journey back to God, to our true selves. Our doorway to this journey might be: chronic physical ailments; weight; creating abundance, success, relationship; or having deeper connection to self, inner knowing & God. Whatever the doorway, the goal of Flowing Spirit Healing is to help heal misconceptions, learn the truth. As this awareness grows, the connection to God within grows and one can increasingly trust inner knowing. Since physical ailments are usually manifestations of spiritual wrong beliefs, they are frequently healed by this process as well. Spiritual healing is not therapy although sometimes the issues addressed overlap; it is a very sacred process of returning to God, to the truth of who we really are.

Flowing Spirit Healing offers groups to pursue this healing as well as individual sessions. Each has its benefits. If you are interested in a topic that is not scheduled, please feel free to suggest it. if your next step involves an individual session, or if you are uncertain about whether to pursue individual sessions, groups or both, feel free to contact me.

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