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Flutter Munich
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18:00-18:30 🍻 Drinks, snacks, open discussion
18:30-18:45 👋 Welcome
18:45-19:30 🎤 Pascal Welsch: Making Dart more like Kotlin
19:30-19:50 🤪 Break
19:50-20:15 🎤 Ben Bieker: Using vim for flutter development
20:15-20:?? 🚀 Freelance Q&A with Ben and Pascal

Please note that the schedule might change during the event.

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🎤 Pascal Welsch 🎤
Making Dart more like Kotlin
⏱~45 minutes

Do you miss Kotlin when building Flutter Applications? I do. Kotlin is one of the best-designed languages, which makes it easy to express developer thoughts in code. But Dart gets better, quickly!I'd like to present what the Dart Team is working on to make the language as much fun as Kotlin. The Flutter community isn't standing still and improves the ecosystem themselves. Let me introduce kt.dart, dartx and super_enums.

Pascal Welsch - Flutter GDE from Cologne, Germany - will demonstrate how kt.dart can prevent bugs by using immutable data structures, which respect equality and reduce code complexity with extensions.

🎤 Ben Bieker 🎤
Using vim for flutter development
⏱~25 minutes

Ben will give an introduction to the vim editor and why it can make sense to use vim to boost your productivity. How can vim or neovim be used as a replacement for a full-blown IDE like IntelliJ or vscode? Or can it also be used to complement your current editor? What other command-line tools complement your vim setup? Whether you are completely new to vim and are just interested in that topic or are already using it, this talk is for you.

🚀 Freelance Q&A with Ben and Pascal

At the end of the event, we will have an experimental "Freelance Q&A" session with Ben and Pascal. If you have questions about how to get started, how to organize your daily work, how to find clients, how to set your price, how to network, why start an agency or any other questions, come to our meetup and ask Ben and Pascal!


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