An architectural approach & Smooth CI

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For this meet up we will be focusing on Real World Architecture .

Nic Ford of Ascential will be talking to us about building Ascential's Events App:

(An approach to architecture){
The Events App is Ascential's first foray into using Flutter as a production
technology. Very much an in-at-the-deep-end learning experience, this talk discusses
the architectural decisions made along the way, and the road to the finished product.

Andri Jasinski of will be demonstrating for us Nevercode's exciting new CI solution for Flutter:

(CI as smooth as Flutter){
Let’s talk about out of the box CI solutions for your Flutter projects. We will show you how to set up and configure publishing to the app store and play store. We will also share some tips and custom scripts to show you how developers have been using Codemagic. During the demo you will also learn how to use different flavours in deployment.

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Thanks go out our sponsors Ascential and Nevercode!

Tags: Flutter, Dart; ScopedModel, Elixir, Google Cloud Platform, Continuous Integration, CI pipelines, Testing, iOS, Android, Apple, Windows, Ubuntu