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For November we will be joined by Pascal Welsch & Renan Araujo

/// Talk one:
Pascal Welsch
(kt.dart - Porting Kotlin's best features to Dart) {
Kotlin is one of the best designed languages, which makes it easy to express developer thoughts in code. Sadly, we can't use Kotlin to write Flutter apps. But the Dart team at Google is working to adopt kotlins best language features: Extensions Methods, Non-Nullable Types and Data Classes.

kt.dart ports kotlins well designed collections, tuples and hundreds of extension functions from the kotlin-stdlib to Dart. You can use it today in your Flutter project and while dart-lang evolves, kt.dart becomes even better.

Pascal Welsch - Flutter GDE from Cologne, Germany - will demonstrate how kt.dart can prevent bugs by using immutable data structures, which respect equality and reduce code complexity with extensions.

/// Talk two:
Renan Araujo:
(Creating with PhotoView) {
PhotoView is a special widget to help people show zoomable stuff. Let's look into how physics, gesture arena, and other flutter parts help people to build with this simple but super flexible widget.

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