What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in or involved with drones (quadcopters, etc.), and wants to find and interact with others with the same interest. Everyone is welcome; it doesn't matter what aspect of the hobby you are involved with, or what your experience level is. It doesn't even matter if you own your own equipment; the only requirement is a legitimate interest in drones and drone culture.
The meetings will be held - at the beginning - at the "drone barn" (OK, my backyard). Hopefully, once we have enough members, we will branch out a bit and try out different locations to mix it up a little. The meetings will essentially consist of everyone flying, talking shop, helping to educate the less experienced (and be educated themselves) and admiring each other's drones. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly. It's about having fun; no competition (except for the occasional friendly contest) and no acrimony.


Past events (2)

Attempt No. 2: Drone Celebration Day

12 Bangall Rd

Meetup No. 1 - Flying without wings in spring!

12 Bangall Rd

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