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PLEASE READ OUR EVENT ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES - Before you RSVP & Before you attend our events. ( FRIDAY NIGHTS ARE OUR 'for all' NIGHTS, ALL WELCOME not just for singles! Event Prices: £5 prepay plus 38p processing charges CLICK LINK BELOW to prepay by any credit or debit card. BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE - Select Bring a friend for Free Ticket for a ticket for you & a free ticket for your friend! £7 cash price No ticket required, just turn up and quote your name - we have an app with the info on it. 'I have paid for a ticket but I am seeing unpaid next to my name on Meetup - I am worried I don't have a ticket' - CLICK HERE : IMPORTANT MEETUP INFO Arrivals between 7.00 & 9.00 pm latest please. EVENT INFO: Please join other relaxed london sociables for drinks/food/mingling/music & partying at this amazing venue. We have an exclusive space from 6.30pm great for chatting & mingling with other members. There is DJ/Dancing & Party later on. Plus we have a free food (a share of a sharing platter) for those who arrive before 8pm and a... wait for it EXTENDED HAPPY HOUR.. An event host will meet and greet you upon arrival to make you feel relaxed and welcome. The event hosts will introduce you to other members if you so wish also encourage you to mingle. Be sure to check in with an event host when you arrive. DRINKS PRICES: Happy Hour until 10pm! 2 bottles of beer £8 2 cocktails £10 Bottles of wine £12 Bottles of Prosecco £20 This will be 'selected' drinks/bottles. Please check with individual bar staff at time of at time of placing your drinks order for prices so you can ensure you're getting the Happy Hour deals. Nearest Tubes: Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Charing Cross HOW TO FIND OUR AREA AT MABELS: Please ask Reception staff for our area which is booked under MEETUP/FLYING SOLO. Our A4 standup signs are on the table all night (during the hosting period). If you can't find us ASK STAFF FOR HELP - go back up to the reception or find a manager - don't ask at the bar they are too busy serving drinks! Dress Code - Smart Casual - No sportswear which includes hoodies and sports trainers - smart trainers are ok. FREE FOOD - Is a share of a sharing platter, its provided by the venue, has to be shared by the group and is not a full meal. Please eat before you arrive or order something from the bar menu if you're hungry EXPECTATIONS ALERT: We have never run an event at this venue. therefore we don't know what its going to be like, what the music is like, when it starts etc. Also I don't know how much volume control I will have until we get there. If you prefer a venue with low background music and lots of intimate conversations, I can't guarantee this so please give this venue a miss and pick one where we have a private room. Thank you.

Mabel's Bar and Kitchen

Covent Garden Market, 29-30 Maiden Ln, London WC2E 7JS · London

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What we're about

"The first thing that attracted me to the group was the title, "Flying Solo." It describes we singles in a fun and liberating way. Meaning we are willing to spread our wings and open to new things. Fits me to a tee"

Flying Solo is an inspirational concept for single people in London. We are a social group for single people. We arrange social gatherings, networking, mingles, meals and parties for our members to meet up on a regular basis, make new friends, have fun and have a great time. Our aim is to empower single people and we reflect this in our events.

Membership of Flying Solo is free and our events are free or pay-as-you-go. To become a member all you need to do is join our email database, you can sign up for this when you attend your first event.

If you like to socialise and want to meet new people of the same and/or opposite sex, and find a lot of your mates don't go out because they are married/partnered up, not available due to childcare commitments, are always skint or just can't be bothered to go out, or you haven't got a 'significant other' that wants to take part in fun activities, then this is the group for you.

We arrange nights out at convenient venues where so that people can meet new people & regular members, get together, have fun and get to know each other in a relaxed, non pressurised environment. It is for people who like to socialise but do not want to be patronised or pressured into thinking that they must meet someone or be the life and soul of the party (if you want to be though that's fine too!). The aim is to have a good time, meet people, make new friends, build social confidence and have an enjoyable evening with others who are in the same boat.

All events are hosted, which means you’ll be meeted, greeted, made to feel welcome and introduced to other members (if you wish) and encouraged to mingle at every single event we run.

All of our events are suitable for members who want to attend 'on their own'. In fact most of our members, including female members, arrive Solo. You will be introduced to people upon arrival, some events we have a special Ladies table - for ladies who want to make friends and enjoy a cocktail and a natter before they mingle/party. We do not do any 'introduction games' or awkward male/female introductions & you will never be put under pressure or made to feel as though you need to meet or talk to someone on our events.

As a female led group, we are very female friendly. We know attending events and walking in to a bar/club on your own can be a nerve-wracking thing to do... so if you want to attend as a lady on her own to our events you will be very welcome and well supported.....

What people are saying about Flying Solo:

“ Last nights Yager Bar event great as my first event - friendly atmosphere to meet people my age, great host and plenty of food ”

— Paul ( on Jun 2, 2016.

“ Good way to meet new people. ”

— Dionne ( on Apr 14, 2016.

Please see our group review page ( more feedback on our social events.

So if you're stuck in on a night and you want to do something with like minded people and not feel like a sad desperado, remember: Life is a Lottery, 'you've got to be in it to win it' , so get yourself involved!

We have currently have events for our members of All Ages, these are advertised as 'All Ages' events & for our 45 & above members, these are advertised as 45(ish)+ (FS45+).

Our All Ages group has no age restrictions but you should note that most of our members are by default, overall in their 30s, 40s & 50s. We are not an 'ageist' group or strict on age limits, but experience has shown me that people of different age groups/generations do sometimes enjoy different types of nights out/different atmospheres/venues etc and I try to take that into account when I create the different meetups.

Look out for meet ups coming up and suggestions for what people would like to do are always welcome, or if you'd like to host your own events or co-host with me- great! Please drop me an email or see me at events with your ideas. Constructive feedback and ideas on how we can improve our events are always welcome and valued , please email me on or see me in person at an event.

How to get the most out of Flying Solo Meetup Group

• Please read the meetup info before you RSVP - Sounds obvious but a lot of people don't. Some meetups may not be your thing - I try to provide as much info for you to make an informed choice - but you can't do this if you don't read the info.

• You are much more likely to make friends if you come to events regularly. People come along on our meets to see other people they have met on previous meets! & believe it or not its a small world - even on London Meetup! If you attend regularly, you will soon notice our 'regular faces' as well as meeting new people each and every event.

• Have a clear profile photoso that other members can see who you are. Nothing fancy, no cats, dogs, landscapes or other people in your pic, just a nice face shot so people can recognise you on Meetup. If you need a nice pic doing, please let me know & I'll take one for you.

• Interact with members between meets using meetup event message boards. Be friendly... say hi, introduce yourself, join in with the pre & post event banter! People will feel that you are friendly and like they know you already when they meet you at the meet!

Look forward to meeting you at our warm, fun, relaxed and friendly group!

Sarah C

Group Organiser

Flying Solo London - Social Group for Single People

Please note:

We are a very active group. If you don't want to be receiving email from me/our hosts please CLICK HERE (

Membership and Attendance of all events is subject to our FS Meetup Group Rules ( please read.

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