Dance of the Heart + Mingle, Drink, Eat and Open to Love!

Flying Solo - Singles Events London
Flying Solo - Singles Events London
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Private Room @ The Truscott Arms Warwick Avenue

55 Shirland Road, W9 2JD · London

How to find us

3 mins walk from Warwick Avenue tube, and 12 mins walk from Paddington

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PLEASE NOTE - this is an event for MALE & FEMALE MEMBERS & Members from other meetup groups will be attending.

Dance of the Heart is an uplifting blend of free expression dance that opens the heart and heals any heart breaks (key to meeting that special someone and/or having great relationships of all kinds). As there are no steps to learn, it is ideal for everyone who want to benefit from dance, and believes “they can’t dance”, as well as those who can.

A “Dance of the Heart” enthusiast shares what she most enjoys about it. “I love the freedom to be me, and to move without limitations. It’s so much fun: not only do I find my usual inhibitions are released, but I leave each session uplifted, energised and with my heart opened. I feel happy, relaxed and feel like I am falling in love with everyone!

Other fans talk about the following benefits:

• "It is so much fun. I feel so great. I find socialising after a Dance of the Heart session gets taken to a whole new level. It's amazing!"

• “I feel so much more confident, more deeply connected with others and this impacts all my relationships”

“I used to judge myself and others. Now I do this less and less. Life is so much more fun”

“My health has improved so much”

“My stress levels have decreased, I feel so alive. I really feel I have "healed my heart"”

“Karen gently encouraged to expand my comfort zone and I find that so much more is possible now that I do”

If you are ready to fall in love with life (or even with that special someone) “Dance of the Heart” may be the missing piece in the jigsaw for you.

If you have tried many things without success to meet your soul mate, Dance of the Heart, may be the key that unlocks the door.

Whilst Karen's work has evolved to focus more on helping those seeking love to open to love, the videos below will give you a flavour of her latest creation, Dance of the Heart.

This has evolved from many years of teaching and leading Dance Meditation which included her teaching on BBC1’s Inside Out series where she showed 3.6 million viewers how Londoner’s can have fun without alcohol and on the BBC’s equivalent in South Korea as part of a documentary on dance to heal. (If you scroll down the page, you can see an extract from both of these programmes)

Dance of the Heart includes hundreds of different exercises. The Indian Head massage style exercise in the South Korean TV video was for the TV cameras and will not be included in this session.

The slow motion exercises filmed for BBC's Inside Out will not be included in this session.

There will be many life enhancing exercises. Do come and give it a go. There are a maximum of 30 places for this session, so book now to ensure one has your name on it.

Join Karen for this special session of Dance of the Heart. Stay on afterwards for drinking, eating and socialisng. The food is great at the Truscott Arms. The price is £10 in advance

Here is how to secure one of the places:

• Pay via Paypal (see below)
• After you have paid, RSVP on Meet UP.

or £15 on the door (if any tickets remain)

Do bring water with you for the session as well as wearing layers.

Dance of the Heart is a series of sessions. Whilst each is different, they all open the heart and bring participants uplifting experiences, fun, joy, feelings of love and more! Not only that, but the more you experience these feelings on the inside, the easier it is to attract that special someone into your life should you wish to do so.

Whilst you may or may not meet someone at this particular event, Dance of the Heart is designed to open your heart more and more over time, increasing your chances of meeting a potential partner.

Your Facilitator - Karen Skehel: Life and Love Coach

As a life and love coach, Karen Skehel has been helping her clients meet their soul mates over more than 15 years.

Whilst she is now in her 14th year of living with her own soul mate, she also knows how to successfully navigate the single scene having been single herself for seven years following her divorce.

Karen has had many “claims to fame”. For example:

She has coached on relationships in front of 1.5 million people on ITV's most popular day time programme, (The Trisha Show, ITV’s answer to Oprah) and has also appeared on ITV2. She also wrote for Natural Health Magazine as The Soul Doctor and The Life Coach over a four year period, contributing a page addressing readers' life challenges every month.

She has also appeared on the BBC’s equivalent in South Korea teaching her Dance of the Heart as part of a documentary on dance as a healing too, alongside facilitators from all over the world. She has also taught a session for BBC1’s Inside Out series where she showed 3.6 million viewers how Londoner’s can have fun without alcohol.

P.S. Karen is also offering a Free Relationship Readiness Test which will tell you whether you are ready now to “manifest your soul mate” or whether you have blocks and/or specific areas to focus on and what these areas are. You can take the test at

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the last 15 years, she has learnt a thing or two about what people want, what they need and what works. She blends her combination of skills to bring her clients experiences that are empowering, fun and life changing. You can find out more about the extensive nature of her work at ( and coaching supervision at (