What we're about

The Name is the mission. You are 40+ ( 40 40s 40's forty or forties ) and want to get out and be social, and at the moment you are flying solo.

You can also be 50 50s 50's (fifty / fifties ), or 60 60s 60's ( sixty / sixties ).

This group aims to be a welcoming place for all. So come and join in on the fun side.

What does "Flying Solo" mean? It means that for whatever reason you are on your own at the moment.

That can mean any version of "single."(as in never married, divorced, or separated, widowed). It can also mean you are dating or in a committed relationship or even married, but you do not have your other to go out with, or they do not like certain activities. And if you want to bring a partner, . . . that's ok too. This is a big tent and all are welcome. There is more than enough space for all to enjoy being out and social. All are welcome of any age (over 40), gender, gender preference, any relationship status, religion, national origin, shoe size, belly button lint, rs40 etc . . .

What this does mean is this is a social group not a singles group. If your main goal is to pick up, hook up, or otherwise hit on people, there are other groups for you. This in intended as a place to make and meet new friends, as well as to spend time and company with existing friends too. In other words this is a an open, welcoming friendly, inclusive and supportive community. If you are on the right side / rightside of life then you are just right for us.

This group established Sept 2007 and is the longest running 40 + meetup in LA, and on all of Meetup!!! Any others are imitations.

As it turns out imitation is a sincere form of flattery. So if you are interested intimation or flattery: there is that. If you like meetups that focus on heavy drinking Happy Hours, or just events in general that the main stated focus is cheap drinks early in the day on usually a weekday, . . . please seek out that group. If you wish good decent social with even better quality people . . . . just come to our next event.

About the group. It's a decent place with even better people. There is really only one rule:

"Do not contact (message) members you have not met in real life."

Truly it very often applies toward guys that need this reminder. But to be fair the same info and request is sent to all. The group is intended for real life over virtual. Come to events and make real connection in real life.

MeetUp in the MeeToo age. Yes!!! The two are not at odds. In fact this is to be embraced. There was another meetup where the organizer was banned from Meetup by Meetup for his activities/actions, and removed from his group. The organizer returned to run the group incognito. Meetup then removed the group completely and removed the organizer second time. Meetup will only know of actions by an organizer or members if it is reported. If you have an issue to report, . . . report it to Organizers AND to Meetup.

If you get contact from group members you have not met in real life please report to me. I will follow up on it in a discreet way and deal with it.

This rule applies here and to select other groups to establish a safe online and off-line culture.

Here is where else this rule applies:

"I wanted to do that . . . . . . .Just not alone!!"

50's And Fabulous

"I Just Moved To LA"

See you at the next event!!

Oh yes, . . . . Do you enjoy friendship, activities, key networking, casual socializing (socailise), parties learning, sharing, inspiration? You do!?!?! How about personal and professional development with active nerd adult ( adults ) who like adventure ( adventurers, adventures, adventurous ) stuff that may involve silly dance game ( games ) and cool nerds with addicting, amazing fun? Great!!!! There will be sweet things to discover while engaging in retro revival underground instagram unique geeky exploration of fringe play plus speed punk quirky sophisticated spectacular geek socials with high society making savvy friends. It will be an offbeat odyssey of an outing to nerdy paradise and we will party at random places Such as Happy Hours, Theatre, Roller Skating, Mini Golf, Hiking, BBQs, Sports Events. . Come and share fine no flake ( flakes ) fun that is free or inexpensive and goes late into the lovely night. Left, right or center, we will live life together and enjoy.

We even just added Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead viewing parties.

About the Organizer: Truth be told I am more un-organized that organized. Even so . . . . I try. I'm Marc. I found meetup to try and get more fit and was doing the hiking meetups. Eventually I saw meetup had other more social things and I went to some. They were not decent at all, many focus on lots of drinking and hooking up. Many years ago I was a Summer Camp Director, and I thought: "I can do better than that." So instead of complaining, one day a meetup organizer had stepped down and I thought I would give it a shot. That was about 6 mos ago. So my events might just have the same feel as Summer Camp, . . . but for adults. Most events are free. There are a few that cost. Those do make enough to cover the Meetup fees. I do extend out to lots of other organizers, as a good community is made of many and diverse voices and people.

This is a place where everyone can just come as they are, and mingle with people who are like them AND who are NOT like them. Aside from age: We are not limited, restricted or exclusive by gender, gender preference, national origin, relationship status, etc. To put it more simply this group is open to all. All ages, all genders, all sexual orientations, all types - And that includes you!!! Diversity is coveted here. People are not monochrome and neither are we. You will fit in perfectly and find a lot of folks who just like you in certain aspect, and differ from you in others. It's the good kind of variety of life.

Some events on this group may specify limits at times. Those will be clearly noted when needed. At times they may be age delineated, or even gender related. Limits are placed often as a means to control size. The event can then be repeated/recycled with a different limit range. If there is an event you really wish to go to with a limit, . . . please contact me. You can be the impetus and the catalyst for the next event in the different limit/range. Other times the limit can be waived or bent as needed.

Challenge yourself and importantly, BE yourself and expand your horizons and comfort zone. Let your hair down! Go wild! Be open minded and be non-judgmental. The group is based off quality events to bring people together from positive social interaction. Anyone who wants to explore an alternative, bohemian, experimental, strange, obscure, weird, wild, absurd, bizarre, avant garde, unconventional, wild-at-heart side of Los Angeles is welcome!

In the interest of making events successful . . . I will spread events across other meetup groups to bump up attendance. For as you know, . . . sometimes people don't show up. Some Organizers get really bent out of shape about that. I do however know that life happens. Even if it's 10 mins before the event. Just change your rsvp. No worries. No harm-no foul. There is not any sort strikes or penalty system, and there is nobody keeping score. The exception will be if it is listed as a "no flake" event. On those you gotta give good notice of changes. It's about fun and community. What I have found is that by being mellow and and having good events more show up. We tend to have 80% or more attendance. I approach with compassion. So if you don't make one event or another. . . try and make it to the next, or the one after that. When you do make it, .. . . we will be glad you are there and all are welcome.

While there are flexible attendance rules. The sex/gender related rules mentioned earlier are not flexible. As a guideline do not message people you have not met in person. This is not an online dating place. Ladies: If a guy messages you please contact me. There have been problems with that happening over meetup in general. It's just not cool. Meetup is about real life and not virtual. Guys, . . . get off your computer and come to an event. Say hello in person. Smile, . . . be personable and decent. And just be there to get to know people and make friends of whatever gender. You can always use new good friends. And this is one way to make/meet them. Wingman tactics and and Pickup artist tactics are similarly not allowed in this group. Organizers of another group that are not an organizer or host here are also not allowed to solicit members.

We do NOT discriminate by age (we accept all), sex or gender, gender preference, origin, religion, belly button lint, etc . . . .

Do you enjoy friendship, activities, key networking, casual socializing, parties learning, sharing, inspiration? You do!?!?! How about personal and professional development with active nerd adult ( adults ) who like adventure ( adventurers, adventures, adventurous ) stuff that may involve silly dance game ( games ) and cool nerds with addicting, amazing fun? Great!!!! There will be sweet things to discover while engaging in retro revival underground unique geeky exploration of fringe play plus speed punk quirky sophisticated spectacular geek socials with high society making savvy friends. It will be an offbeat odyssey of an outing to nerdy paradise and we will party at random places (see locations below). Come and share fine no flake ( flakes ) fun that is free or inexpensive and goes late into the lovely night. Left, right or center, we will live life together and enjoy.

We do some sports related events. Are you interested in teammates players for your sport or hobby? Such as bowling, trivia, camping, biking, hike, hikes, hiking, snowboarder, snowboarding, ski, skiing, kayaking? Or even related to bmi, exercise, fitness, healthy, lock pong, recreation, recreational, outdoor, Halloween, mammoth mountain, St Patrick's, Ensenada, un scrabble solitaire poker or more!!! We run the range.

A bigger majority of what we are is obscure cultural ( culture ), language, travel, music, arts, festival, performance, crave, dining, exotic, restaurant, food, foodie, architecture, art, artistic, urban obscura or ballet. But it does not stop there. We also do comedy, concert ( concerts ), cook, cooking, theater, theatre, culinary, cultural, tours, sub-culture, subculture sponge ( sponges ), performances, dances, dancing, museums, musical ( musicals ), bars, foodies, dinner, dinning, bbq, beach, restaurants, trips, cruise ( cruises ), cuisine. And even with all that we still to even more!!! Including, flea n farmer (farmers) market ( markets ), boutique, burlesque, crafting, craft, create, creating, sushi, pho, pizza, tastings, tickets, kim chi, tai kimchi, deserts, eating, festivals, film, films, galleries, games, karaoke, movies, sutra kama karma.And now the important question. Did we miss one? Oh. . . OK then, . . Send that so we can add it to the list.

Aside from the High Brow we do engage in the Low Brow such as wine, beer, drink, bar hopping, dive bars ( dives ), rave ( raver ravers raves raving ), hip-hop hiphop, hole holes-in-walls, crawl crawls, trance techno, dubstep, night nightclub, nightlife, nights. As well as classic club clubbing, clubs eclectic, edm electro electronica, pubs, pub speak, speakeasy, drinks, meet meeting mix mixer mixers mixing, greet, happy hour hours haunts, Did somebody say mingle?

So the High Brow and the Low Brow get together and make up THE KNOW BROW and that is all about people and who makes us up.

By ethnicity we very much match the ethnic makeup of Los Angeles with Caucasian and Non Hispanic Whites, Latino, Black or African American, Native American,Asian, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander and others such as Middle Eastern such as Arab or Israeli, and others from the global atlas.

Different than ethnicity is Nationality, or National Origin. And again . . . from that we run the range European, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islander, Indian, Taiwanese (Taiwan), Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese ( China, Cantonese, Mandarin ), Hong Kong Mexican ( Mexico ), and more and more. Even USC or UCLA
And that makes for sooooooooo many languages. We like language and the culture it is able to unlock It brings English, Spanish second ESL and ELL and ASL are big here. Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French, And the gamut of others to translate ( translation translator ) with class (classes).

Tolerance is a main tenet here as we are Christian ( Catholic, Mormon, etc), Jewish (Jew Jews), Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Scientology and more. And even Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Libertarian, Bernie / BernieCrat, or even Trump or Trumpian or Scientologist. This is a big tent and since it's decent social we will all be decent.

What it comes down to is we are making new friends ( friend freind freinds ) and to be friendly. Almost like finding your entourage Made up of Men (man men's mens) and women ( woman women's ) and non-binary too. Members may be young or old, married, single ( divorce divorced separated and never married ) or coupled (couple as part of a committed relationship / relationships ). Many are likely singles and looking to date in one way or another. Going on dates or dating is fine. But it does NOT happen via using the group like Tinder, Match.com, POF or eharmony.

This group is about real life. So online messaging of people you have not met in real life is not allowed. Why such a rule?

Because it is heterosexist of you to assume that all people are interested in you. Like is says above there are married or those in committed relationships. There is is also the range of sexual preference in the group. Gay, lesbian girls lgbt lgbtq queer bi poly swing swinger swinging and any sort of variation such as transsexual and transgender. We do accept all. Even rs40 and rso40.

Whoever you find cute, hot, sexy or find attraction to that comes in person. Plenty a match and romance or spark may happen. You may find your love (or lover). But you also may just make great friends girlfriend ( girlfriends ). It's just down to good decent social. Conscious communication and engagement that makes for self-improvement and improvement of others. Conversation and network or networking of rso40 professionals. That's just smart l33t leet api entrepreneur groupting that will lead to inspirational international consciousness.

We just added Game of Thrones GOT and The Walking Dead viewing parties.

Where do you do events? We do them ALL OVER!!!! I have taken the time to look at past events and the cities they have happened in and near and put it together with the upcoming location too. Our groups IS different, . . . we DO range all over the city. Here are where we HAVE BEEN, and where we are GOING!!

So I have gone in great detail to cover who we are and what we do. This is accurate and verifiable by going to our past events and looking that what we have done. This is all fact based on the breadth, scope and mission of this group.

If you have made it this far. Then watch this and then, . . .get off social media and on meetup. The social part of social media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEWnXmDfVZg


THIS is description is in full compliance.

Upcoming events (5+)

Lucky Strike Hollywood

Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge

Hey, let’s Meetup at Lucky Strike and listen to some live bands together. Bands start at 8:30. You can find me... I’m the lady with the blue cat- eye glasses. https://www.facebook.com/1611249134/posts/10217062358623736?sfns=mo

Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca Adventure - EVENT FULL!!!

April 26 - May 5, 2019 $2695* ****Sadly, this event is already filled up, but we are doing it again in August! Check out https://www.meetup.com/IWantToDoThat/events/257492817/ Take the Train - No Trekking Machu Picchu, rediscovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, is a fortress city of the ancient Incas. The ruins are one of the most beautiful and enigmatic ancient sites in the world. While the Inca people certainly used the Andean mountain top, erecting hundreds of stone structures in the 1400's, legends and myths indicate that Machu Picchu (meaning 'Old Peak' in the Quechua language) was revered as a sacred place from a far earlier time. Whatever its origins, the Inca turned the site into a small but extraordinary city. Invisible from below and completely self-contained, surrounded by agricultural terraces sufficient to feed the population, and watered by natural springs, Machu Picchu seems to have been used by the Inca as a secret ceremonial city. Two thousand feet above the Urubamba river, the cloud shrouded ruins have palaces, baths, temples, storage rooms and about 150 houses, all in a remarkable state of preservation. MACHU PICCHU SINGLES ADVENTURE ITINERARY: Vacation Day 1 - Friday: Arrive Lima, Peru Upon arrival in Lima, Peru you will be met at the airport and transfered to our hotel. Lima, Arrive early and spend the day in the City of Kings, a city full of history and cultural heritage. Tonight meet your group leader at your hotel and join the group for an optional dinner. Vacation Day 2 - Saturday: Lima / Cusco Early in the morning we transfer to the airport for our flight to Cusco. Upon arrival free time for a rest and to get used to the altitude. Cusco was a Holy City, place of pilgrimage, a sacred place the Incas themselves believed was “The Navel of World”, thus its real name “Qosqo”. Nowadays Cusco is a fascinating mix of Inca and Colonial Spanish architecture; churches, monasteries, convents and Inca remains are found at every corner, many streets are lined with perfect Inca stonework’s, which served as foundation for the Spanish constructions that took place in the XVI and XVII centuries. If you haven't meet everyone already, tonight is your opportunity. Get ready to enjoy a dinner in a typical restaurant with a folklore show where the musicians play their melodies with Andean instruments of beautiful sounds while typically dressed dancers will show you different ancient Peruvian dances. Vacation Day 3 - Sunday: Cusco Enjoy a late breakfast and time for souvenir shopping before our afternoon tour of Cusco. Visit the Main Square, the Cathedral and the Temple of the Sun or Korikancha. Then drive to visit the Inca sites of Kenko, Tambomachay, Puca Pucara and the impressive fortress of Sacsayhuaman, built strategically on a hill overlooking Cusco; famous for its enormous carved stones joined with astounding precision to form the outer walls. Some of these stones stand over 30ft tall and weigh over 350 tons. Vacation Day 4 - Monday: Cusco - Excursion to the "Sacred Valley of the Incas" A succession of picturesque towns, agricultural terraces and archaeological sites. Explore at your own pace the Market of Pisac, a picturesque Andean shopping center where native people are seen bartering their products and also selling a wide variety of handicrafts. On Sunday there is a catholic mass service on Sunday celebrated in Quechua, the native language. Lunch at a local restaurant in the Sacred Valley. In the afternoon we pass through Calca and Urubamba towns to arrive at the Inca Fortress and Citadel of Ollantaytambo. Built to guard the valley entrance and protect it from enemies of the lower jungles it consists of a series of superimposed terraces of carved stones accessed by long staircases. Walk through the quaint streets of the nearby town, a religious and agricultural center during the Inca Empire. Visit the picturesque Andean village of Chinchero where the remains of the royal hacienda of Tupac Inca Yupanqui lies. Admire the well preserved Inca wall at the Main Square, visit the beautiful colonial temple built on Inca foundations. Return to Cusco in the late afternoon. Vacation DAY 5 - Tuesday: Cusco / Machu Picchu The day starts with an early morning transfer to Cusco train station. Enjoy a unique train ride towards the marvelous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Get the most outstanding views of the Urubamba River, which cuts its way through green fields beneath the high peaks of the Andean glaciers towards the marvelous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Get the most outstanding views of the Urubamba River, which cuts its way through green fields beneath the high peaks of the Andean glaciers. After our three 1/2 hour train journey have lunch in Agias Calientes before we drive up the mountain to the famous Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu, also known as "The Lost City of the Incas". Upon arrival our guided tour begins, visiting the Main Plaza, the Circular Tower, the Sacred Sun Dial (Intiwatana), the Royal Quarters, the Temple of the Three Windows and various burial grounds. After the tour you will have time to stroll around the archaeological site. Then it is back to Agias Calientes for an evening at leisure. Vacation Day 6 - Wednesday: Machu Picchu: Aguas Calientes - Cusco Excellent opportunity to wake up early, enjoy a beautiful sunrise, stroll around town or visit the Hot Spring Thermal waters. And still have time for optional activities: 1. Visit the Citadel of Machu Picchu for a second time (extra $$). 2. For active or more adventurous people, we suggest to climb up the Huayna Picchu (depending on weather conditions) from where you can appreciate the immensity of Machu Picchu, even more amazing being high and distant. Arriving at the top takes about two and a half hours. An exciting adventure for hikers who want to see the nature and the carved stone emerging from the ground as if a geological miracle. In the afternoon, back to Cusco by train and our hotel. Evening free. We recommend dining at the hotel and have an early night. Vacation Day 7 - Thursday: Cusco - Puno Morning departure by bus to the City of Puno. During our trip, pass by the lovely Wacarpay Lake, offering spectacular views of mountains reflected in waters. Visit the pre-Inca citadel of Pikillacta, the ruins consist of more than 700 structures with some walls standing at almost 40 feet high. We proceed to the town of Andahuaylillas to visit the Church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, also known as the Sistine Chapel of the Americas, due to its decorated polychrome ceiling. On the way, we stop to see a spectacular Inca Sanctuary dedicated to the great Inca God of Wiracocha. Then we pass through La Raya Ranch where we can see herds of vicuñas and llamas, stopping at the town of Ayaviri, an important livestock and textile center, to visit the impressive Temple of Kalasaya, ruins from the ancient Pucara Culture. We stop for lunch in a quiet countryside restaurant, where we can enjoy the delightful culinary art of the region. Later In the afternoon we arrive in Puno and check in to our hotel. Vacation Day 8 - Friday: Puno: Titicaca Lake Floating Island of the Uros and Island of Taquile This morning, we will have an unforgettable motorboat excursion on the waters of Lake Titicaca to the unique "Floating Islands" of the Uros. The ancient inhabitants of the lake, known as the Water Tribe, have built their own "islands" by periodically adding new layers of a type of reed unique to the area called "totora", vegetable fibre from the Papiro family. Their homes and boats are also made from this material. Then we continue our motorboat trip to Taquile island, inhabited by Quechua-speaking natives who have developed an efficient and unique social system, as well as fine hand weaving techniques, that have been passed down through generations. After lunch in a local Taquile inn, we will have a walk through the various hills and archaeological sites of this 3 1/2 mile long island before we return to Puno. Vacation Day 9 - Satuday: Puno/ Lima Early in the morning we transfer to the airport for our flight to Lima. A city tour around Lima is a fantastic way to discover the history in this old capital of the Conquistadors. Our tour of the "City of Kings" includes the Historical Center, Main Square, Government Palace, City Hall, the Cathedral (tomb of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru), Museum of the Cathedral, Temple of Santo Domingo (tombs of Santa Rosa and San Martin), Temple of San Pedro, Lima Colonial Balconies, Torre Tagle Palace, Paseo de Aguas and Convent de los Descalzos.. after enjoy an overview of Peru's pre-Columbian history while visiting the Museum of Anthropology and Archeology, the largest collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts, such as Chavin stone sculptures, textiles from Paracas, Nazca and Mochica ceramics and Chimu metalwork; as well as paintings, documents and objects relating to prominent people of Peru's Conquest, Vice Royalty and Republic times. After all that sightseeing let's sit back and enjoy a folklore show and dinner at a local Peruvian restaurant at our Farewell Dinner. Vacation Day 10 - Sunday: Depart Lima It is time to say goodbye to all your new travel buddies as we are transferred to the Airport for our International Flights home. Hotels: Lima - Casa Andina Hotel (http://www.casa-andina.com/hotel-miraflores-lima_casa-andina-select-miraflores/); Cusco - Eco Inn Hotel (http://www.ecoinnhotels.com/eco-inn-cusco); Machu Picchu - Hotel Taypikala (http://www.taypikala.com/website/main.php?hotelid=4&linkid=1&lan=eng); Puno - Hotel Casa Andina (http://www.casa-andina.com/en/destinations/puno/hotel-puno-peru_casa-andina-private-collection) Vacation Includes * 9 Nights Accommodations * Breakfast Daily - 5 Lunches - 2 Dinners * Domestic Air Flights in Peru * Vistadome Train to Machu Picchu * English Speaking Travel Leader * Guided Tours per itinerary * Airport/Hotel Transfers on Tour Dates * All Taxes and Surcharges Not Included * International Airfare * Airport Taxes * Tips $100 collected on first day Optional Pre-night Hotel: Single Room - $160 per night; Share - $95 each per night (no roommate match available) Deposit $400 Balance Due February 5, 2019 After Feb 5, Full Payment is due at time of booking For Reservations please call Anna at (310)[masked] or email at [masked]

~Sequoia National Park AND Class IV+ Rafting!! Camping, Nature, Hiking & more!!

3 spots left!!! Sequoia National Park AND Rafting!! As with many things on this group. This trip is a special and different that other. Many trips go rafting to Kern and do level 2 and 3 rapids. Other trips go to Sequoia National Park. How about both at a reasonable cost? Can you add flexibility in to that? YES!!! This aims to combine all these desired aspects. Itinerary: Friday - - - Depart LA when you can. Google maps has it as 3:15 drive. Leave as late as 9PM and get there at Midnight. Sat - - - - - 8:00am to 5:00pm Enter the park and travel General Highway all the way the Grant's Grove. And hitting all the view and special points along the way. Moro, Grant, Sherman, the groves, Beetle, Crescent Meadow. Of course there are stunning waterfalls of Tokopah Falls, Grizzly Falls Roaring River Falls and Mist Falls. Those that wish can even continue to Roads End. Sunday: RAFTING!!!! What makes this trip different is we get to do both Sequia AND Rafting. What makes this trip different is the rafting is class 4+ rapids Now let's get to the cost and the options/flexibility: Camping is $75 for 2+ nights. Rafting is $80 for half day or $120 for all day. Let's elaborate. 2+ nights means we don't have to leave camp on Sunday till 5PM. This means on Sunday when we go rafting do not have to break camp before heading out. Half Day Rafting will be afternoon not morning. (you can sleep in). Full Day Rafting with Class IV+ rapids!! Flexibility: Since the rafting is separate from the camping: If you don't want rafting and want to do a second day in Sequoia . . . No Problem. OR if you don't want to camp and only want to drive up for the Rafting . . . go right ahead. What about the Campsite? Our campsite will rock!!! Private site with flush toilets and convenience store nearby too. Endless firewood is provided. There will be camp-stoves and grills for cooking, and all plates and utensils will be provided. OK . . . Tell me about food!?!?!? Fri eve is potluck and drink-luck. Bring food and drinks to share. Sat eve Due to varied dietary needs it's better bring what you like. BUT there are also local options. No need to cook. We will be a good number so we can divide among these. I will suspect we will mostly spit between the top two. Sequoia Cider Mill Restaurant Three Rivers Brewing Company River View Restaurant and Lounge Gateway Restaurant Sequoia Snack Shack Sierra Subs and Salads Subway Sandwiches Antoinette's Coffee and Goodies Casa Mendoza Buckaroo Diner Pizza Factory Kids? Sure. Pets? It would be awesome but not this time. Carpools? Yes A carpool matrix will be developed and in the week before carpools form. How do I pay? https://www.paypal.me/ExposedCalifornia/75 Venmo to @IWantToDoThat Rafting you pay directly to http://www.sequoiaadventures.com/trips/ As you can see we are getting a discount. [masked] When? Now is better. This does have limited space and will fill. Campsite and Rafting is limited If filled the link removed and you will go on a waitlist. Refunds? On the camping: Yes. Up to 1 week in advance. Less than week I will help with replacement. Les than 48 hours before departure. No refund but credit or partial credit will be given on future events. On the Rafting up to day before. For more details about: Camping Sequoia NP Rafting Food options What to pack/bring Guests/Kids/Pets Carpools IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be able to swim. These are Class IV Rapids. You do NOT need rafting experience .BUT you must be able to swim well. ALL rafters will have life vest and helmet provided to them (no charge). And if a wetsuit is needed it will be provided (no charge) Uh oh . . . I want to do on this but I don't have a buddy to drag along. No worries!!!! Most come on their own. That's what makes this a meetup. Come on your own and leave with friends. Come with friends and leave with more friends. After all you know you wanted to do that, . . . just not alone!!! Don't wait https://www.paypal.me/ExposedCalifornia/75

{Burbank} Meet new friends with ROCKnRETRO back at Viva..bring your boogie shoes

Let’s kick off the weekend at our favorite anything goes local watering hole. An intimate place it’s easy to find seating and meet new friends. Lots of entertainment with two rooms of live music. Full menu and bar. There is no cover for standing. There is a minimum if you want a table....free parking across the street at Pickwick Bowl. Look for meetup signs. ( Currently scheduled for the FRONT room but always double check) You can make table reservations by calling Viva[masked] and asking for a table in the room with ROCKnRETRO. There is a drink minimum for table service. If you take a table there is a minimum you will need to cover for it. The band keeps you boogieing all night long to your favorite songs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s to current hits. We love to celebrate good times! Please let me know, so we can celebrate your April Birthday or any other special event. Bring your friends, bring your boogie shoes and get ready to meet old and new friends. This event is cross promoted in other meetups and will be reflected in the count . NO GUEST LIMIT.

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