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Are you interested in spiritual growth with a view to helping others? Have you read any of Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, Krishnamurti, Seth, etc? We are a group of people who have a passion to discover who we really are, beyond our conditioning; i.e. what our parents, teachers, priests, politicians and gurus tell us and look to find out for ourselves the truth, whatever that may be. Our aim is to provide a forum for total freedom of expression, without fear of judgement. For further information please see our 'what we're about' section. Everyone welcome.

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What we're about

There are many reasons for people to band together in groups: employment, politics, religion, self-help or social activity, the list is endless. But consider this, what if the so-called 'reason' for gathering is nothing more than an elaborate camouflage, an excuse that draws together personalities of similar intent, inquisitiveness and purpose in order to experience a form of identification, a comradeship or brotherhood. We do not wish to belittle the results that groups achieve, but simply suggest that perhaps the instinctive reason that underpins our grouping together and therefore our ultimate achievements is not so much the cause but an attempt to remember that we are not separated; that we are indeed as one. We achieve results as a by-product of of grouping together.

In forming this Group its founder members have attempted to bypass the camouflage and dispense with the excuses, we actively seek at-one-ness.

We would state at the outset that this Group has absolutely no association with any other group or organisation whatsoever; it is not intended to replace any other group, we see it more as complimentary to other involvements.

Whatever our backgrounds it is safe to say that we have been bombarded with selective information from birth. In our schooldays we were taught that religion and science were to be accepted as facts of reality instead of beliefs or theories about reality. We are all in one way or another the product of social beliefs. This group openly questions those beliefs and the so-called 'facts' that we have been raised on.

We seek spiritual growth and expansion through the sharing of experience and feelings; we have come to realise that by actively changing our beliefs we most certainly change our experiences. We effectively create our own experiences in life through our beliefs and expectations of life.

Over the past few centuries society has increasingly developed a 'victim mentality', we are taught from the earliest age to mistrust our bodies, our environment, and just about everything that does or doesn't move! It is little wonder that an enormous amount of our Combined Wealth must now be dedicated to Health Services, Policing, Armed Forces and various Health and Safety initiatives; we have become frightened and confused. There was a time when the human race instinctively knew (in keeping with all creature-hood) that our individual and collective state of health and 'good fortune' had little to do with outside forces.

As a species we have been taught to believe that mankind is at best untrustworthy and at worst downright dangerous. This has fed our lack of self worth and self trust and resulted in an ever increasing number of laws to 'protect' us from ourselves. We strongly question that hypothesis. Therefore we (as a Group) attempt to operate without rules, we prefer to trust our own common sense and impulses. We have no bosses and no dogma. We aim to provide a forum in which members can freely express themselves with no allegiance to anything save their own free will.

We all came into this world with a wonderful sense of awe and anticipation, we instinctively knew our oneness; what on earth happened! Most of us have spent a good part of our lives learning to mistrust ourselves, learning that to 'fail' or 'to be wrong' is some sort of moral crime, we have become so fearful of making mistakes that many of us have given up trying to achieve much at all. The result has been an obsession with safety and a relinquishing of our own responsibilities; expecting others to 'fix' us, and if they don't – then we can just blame them. What if there is another way?

Perhaps we came here to learn just how strong we are, just how in tune with our environment we can be. Perhaps we still instinctively know that taking risks and trusting life is the only way that we can truly achieve inner peace and value fulfilment.

What if we came into this world not to be bystanders, not to live as passive 'victims' of life, but to be active participants in progressing the well being of our own lives, and in doing so to progress the well being of all life? If fear of failure and the 'victim mentality' or powerlessness, are high on the list of causes for our dissatisfaction with life, then strength or courage, and empowering action could be seen as very effective 'cures'.

As a Group we actively encourage each other to 'stretch our boundaries', to question the status quo and to take positive steps to move away from mind-sets or beliefs that keep us locked into states of ill health, lack of abundance, blaming others, and general powerlessness. The power of like-minded people grouping together cannot be underestimated, we can and do achieve things together that we would consider impossible if attempted alone.

Everybody has something for which they can be grateful, and most of us have a great deal to be thankful for. Focusing on what is going well in our lives will bring far better results than concentrating on what we perceive to be wrong. Hating war will never stop war, loving peace however, will. And so it is with all matters of life, approached from the 'ain't life awful' angle we can't help but feel overwhelmed, but looked at from a different viewpoint, that of 'ain't life great', we begin to see a different picture, our focus 'miraculously' shifts, and we begin to see aspects of life to which we were once blinded.

What we concentrate on we draw toward us, concentrate on pain, hostility and lack, and that's what we get, focus on health, friendship and abundance and that will be ours also. Working together with a common purpose this Group eagerly explores the possibilities of contrary thinking and action.

We believe that there has never been a better time to explore the possibilities of self-responsibility, and by that we mean responsibility for our own thinking, emotional and physical well-being, and the everyday experience of our lives. We are not allied with any particular school of thought or teachings, and actively seek new ideas and inspiration.

There are however certain books that we find especially useful:

Seth: The Nature of Personal Reality – Jane Roberts

Power vs Force – David Hawkins

The Awakening of Intelligence – Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

We operate on a self support basis (we pass the pot at the end of each meeting), but do aim for a surplus above running expenses in order to enlarge our lending library of books and audio. We do not desire profit.

Finally, we will NEVER try to indoctrinate you, fill you with dogma, or encourage you to do anything against your will; that would stand against the very principles upon which we operate. We are all free spirits of the universe.

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