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Focusing is a mind-body-awareness method. Developed by founder Eugene Gendlin, focusing can be applied to many aspects of our lives where we may be feeling stuck, blocked, overwhelmed, unsure and uneasy. Focusing can help with a myriad of human emotions and situations that we feel challenged by in our everyday lives. Focusing helps us to gain further clarity, depth, trust in ourselves, confidence and insight. The focusing method employs and invites our personal wisdom and ability to listen deeply to ourselves beyond judgement, with genuine empathy, to whatever presents itself to us, in the present moment. The nowness of our existence altogether. Focusing is not therapy and can be learned and practiced by anyone of any age.

Focusing can be practiced by oneself or with a partner, who holds the integrity of the space and offers reflective listening. Through contacting the wisdom of the body through our felt sense, the focuser can experience freshly formed shifts in perspective or understanding, coming from the wisdom of the body itself.

On Sundays we will start with an overview of what Focusing is, a discussion, and enjoy the practice of focusing.

Newcomers and experienced focusers are welcome! Please feel free to contact me with any questions

Best, Rose Sposito

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