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What does living a successful life mean to you? Has success “arrived” or are you still chasing it?

Success is not just "achievement" by itself. Success encompasses your better self in relationships, career, health, healing - essentially all of your aspirations for peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Follow Your Success is dedicated to helping you meet challenges, solve problems, and create greater personal and professional success by practicing what you innately know. We work with five core dualisms that can either limit or expand your personal happiness and success. We demonstrate how to have them work for you rather than against you through a “workout” that will tone and develop your transformational strength. As you build strength, real change begins. The more attuned you become to your power, the easier it becomes to repeat the patterns that work for you – so that you begin to follow your own success.

Our exploration of each obstacle will have a practice or “workout” designed to help you feel the impact of the obstacle and how to flip it into an exercise to build your strength at transformation. The exercises will be engaging and interactive. There’s no pressure to do anything you don’t want to, but if you’re game, you’ll have fun.

Follow Your Success is my personal project. It’s one I’m initiating after having spent 30 years as a public servant managing benefit programs focused on influencing behaviors that drive more successful health and financial outcomes. Understanding the ingredients of success has been my professional and personal passion – and now I want to share that passion with those who are confronting challenges, seeking a clear practice for achieving dreams, and are excited to do the personal work.

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I’m also looking for opportunities to sit down with as many people as I can on a one-on-one basis to explore what you think about success, challenges, and personal transformation. This kind of learning helps to inform my own endless search to know more about how we can better improve ourselves and the human condition. If you’re interested in spending an hour with me or putting your thoughts in writing, please contact me.

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