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F@ck Twitter! Why are you sitting there on your butt in lame cyberspace when you can be out there in the real world enjoying life and expanding your consciousness? Following me in real life is much more interesting than following me in the virtual "twitter-sphere". I decided to make this group because I realized that I've been going to many spiritual and/or just interesting places lately to expand my own mind and consciousness and I wanted to share so that others with similar interests could come along too! I am very interested in meditation and spirituality. I am also interested in suppressed knowledge including conspiracies, suppressed technology, alternative health remedies "they" don't want you to know about, secret history and the paranormal. If you are interested in one of more of these topics then this group is for you. Most events will be in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), primarily in the downtown core and North York area. There might be some in outer-lying areas occasionally for those who can make it. So what are you waiting for? Join now so we can start expanding our consciousness together and work towards living in a mindset on Earth as if we were living in heaven!

Namaste, Kevin

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Medicate, Meditate, Move! - Tonight Tonight Terrific Tuesday Night Live :)

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/255533571457182/ Hosted By: - Joey Lundgreen Details: Come when ya can leave as ya need we'll be moving, meditating, drinking tea, smoking (optional), chatting, resting, relaxing, exerting, stretching... (editing moves to work with your body & sleeping as needed is for sure ok!!) See ya'll there!! Cost: Normal class costs available at http://www.ganjayogatoronto.com ($20 or if you're new to the studio, get a 4 class pass for $40) After 8:30pm studio doors are always only open in the back so come to the back door!! (y)

Contact Improve Dancing Jam

805 Studio - Dovercourt House

Contact Jam - Wednesday Contact Jam Hosted By: http://www.reasondetre.com/wedjam.html New to Contact Improv?: For some videos and information about what Contact Improvisation can be, see here: https://everybodydanceyes.wordpress.com/contact-improvisation-videos/ Schedule: The Class Before the Jam 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm EVERY WEDNESDAY See upcoming class levels and teachers (http://www.reasondetre.com/wedjam.html#Before) The Contact Dance Jam 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm EVERY WEDNESDAY Live music during the Jam from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm See upcoming musical lineup (http://www.reasondetre.com/wedjamM.html) The Class After the Jam 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY See upcoming dates, class levels and teachers (http://www.reasondetre.com/wedjam.html#After) After Jam Events 8:30 pm on specific dates See more information on after jam events (http://www.reasondetre.com/wedjamT.html) Location: Dovercourt Penthouse (http://www.dovercourthouse.com/contact.html) (3rd Floor) 805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto By transit: subway to Ossington station, walk a few block west until Dovercourt Rd and then walk north up Dovercourt Rd until #805. Go to third floor Price: $10 - Pre Class $10 - Dance Jam with live music $5 - After Class only $15 - Any Combo of the above including all three Price varies for after jam events Wednesday Contact Dance Improvisation Jam Accessibility Scholarship Please note if you are unable to afford the class and/or the jam, you can apply for an RDDP training scholarship. To apply, email [masked] (http://www.reasondetre.com/kathleen.rea@reasondetre.com) and ask for a training scholarship application form. Wednesday Contact Dance Improvisation Jam Boundary Guidlines (http://www.reasondetre.com/dowloads/Boundary_guidelinesWEDJAM.pdf) See answers to frequently asked questions (http://www.reasondetre.com/wedjamQ.html)

Ecstatic Dance

805 Studio - Dovercourt House

Hosted By: http://www.tribaldancecommunity.com/ Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm Cost: $12-$15 (sliding Scale) In modern day culture, dance is predominantly seen as entertainment for those who can dance. Yet every culture in the world has their own form of Ecstatic Dance ... a dance gathering which is for everybody! Ecstatic Dance is a way we use to gather as a community or tribe and dance to rhythms and sounds. And it seems that our ancestors danced for every reason under the sun! Dance as a way of... Celebration. Fun, play and humour. Understanding and exploring. Body love, community love, earth love. Manifesting hopes, dreams and visions. Expression and freedom. Changing perspective. Expanding awareness. Health and wellness. Unfolding potential. Transformation. Positive social gathering. Dance as a way. Ecstatic Dance Mondays & Thursdays is our modern way of getting together to dance for any of these reasons. There is no teacher in this space. You are free to move. There is no one way to dance, only infinite ways of dancing.

The Move (Movement/Dance Meditation)

805 Studio - Dovercourt House

Hosted By: http://www.themovecollective.org/ Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm Cost: $12-15 (sliding scale) We started THE MOVE because we all love to move and groove. Simply put, for the sheer love of dance! We recognize that while the love of dance is essential to create dance gatherings, we also want to create a loving, safe, and fun space for all to enjoy. Collectively, after many vibrant meetings back in[masked], our founders came up with a strong vision. Here are the main values we hold near and dear for our dance collective. We welcome new members, movement lovers shy or bold dancers to join and be co-creators of this wonderful vision we are unfolding... We hold the strong intention to honour movement and dance as an essential and powerful expression of self and connection to others. The healing and artistic nature of movement is acknowledged by us movers, who recognize fun, play and humour are vital to this practice. We commit to providing an ongoing inclusive space that is body loving and body positive and encourages movement for men and women, people of a variety of ages, sizes, and backgrounds. We celebrate our connection to each other, to the earth, and to the dance of life, in our weekly dance gatherings called THE MOVE. We dance in silence, which allows us to drop deeper into the experience of body movement and non-verbal connection through dance. For those who wish to talk, we request that you go outside in the hallway to speak. No one person is the leader of THE MOVE, and no one movement modality is the way or the path of THE MOVE. Some of us are influenced and inspired by our study of embodied movement and/or spiritual practices such as Soul Motion™, Authentic Movement, 5Rhythms®, Contact Improv, Continuum, Dance Our Way Home™, Eurythmy, and Soul Voice™. 7:30pm-8:00 Warmup and Open Movement/Dancing 8:00-8:15 Opening Circle and Guided Meditation 8:15-9:30 Open Dancing/Movement, starting slow, building up, finally cooling down 9:30 Closing Circle and Sounding (Usually) 9:30-10:15 Socializing

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