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The Folsom Intermediate/Advanced Sand Volleyball Group is a group of higher level players intending to play on a competitive, yet friendly field. Membership to this group is ONLY for Intermediate skill level and above.

Who should become a member:

Player is proficient at passing, setting, and spiking, and is committed to playing 3-touch volleyball at all times. Player has a firm understanding of the rules and demonstrates a willingness to call him/herself on faults (such as a net, double-hit, or foot-fault). Player is willing to accept faults called by others. Player has rudimentary or better understanding of outdoor volleyball strategies. Naturally, there are varying strengths and skill levels, but all players are Intermediate or above. We know this is very subjective and ultimately the level of play is defined by the players on the court, however, with a group of regulars playing for some time, the standard has been set. We will be looking to keep the same level of play going and therefore will remove confirmed RSVPs as we see fit. (See sand court rules below.)

We would like to have a group who has lasted as long as our parent group Folsom ALL PLAY and we can do that ONLY if everyone has a common understanding of what is expected. Your leadership team requires that all players respect each others abilities, and encourage each other to improve their game. We enjoy friendly banter. We do not tolerate poor sportsmanship or attitudes, on or off the court. (If you are looking for a mix of skills that include beginner levels, please sign up for Folsom ALL PLAY.)

Now that we've covered the formalities, we want to reiterate that this Meetup group is committed to having a great time, exemplary sportsmanship (with the friendly banter we all love), and playing some great volleyball. If you want to have fun, meet new people, and enjoy the great game of volleyball, come join us.

The rules that we will use:
A. Net Play
1. You may go completely under the net into your opponent's court to play a ball as long as there is no interference with the opponent.
2. A ball can be played back to one's side of the net if it has crossed over the net, under the net, or outside the antenna as long as a team has one or more contacts left and the ball is played back under the net or outside the antenna.
3. The "let" serve is now played (will not be played for doubles)

B. Playing the Ball
1. Soft dink (open hand, finger tip) is not allowed. Ball must be cleanly hit or "pop" off the hand.
2. Receiving the serve: If you receive the serve open handed (the serve is never considered a hard-driven spike regardless of its velocity), expect it to be called illegal.
3. Receiving: No open handed first contact unless digging a hard-driven spike. (When digging a hard-driven spike it can be double-hit and momentarily lifted. Open hand digs are okay)
4. Setting: Loose hand setting standards when attempting to set your partner; double-hit, mishandled, side setting okay. No carried balls.
5. When using a setting motion to send the ball into the opponent's court it must be released in the direction in which the shoulders of the player are facing either front or back. Side-setting is allowed when attempting to set your partner.
6. The ball can be played with all parts of the body.
7. "Continuation" still exists in the beach game, meaning that, for example, if you touch the net after spiking a ball it is still a "net" even if the spike hit the sand before you touched the net
8. Setting the ball over the net.
* Legal: Setting an over pass can be done legally, but it really is not a set in that situation. The only way an overpass is legal when it is done using a two-handed overhead set is if you are square to the net and set the ball directly over it. If your shoulders are not square or you are not facing the net, it will be ruled an illegal overpass.
* Illegal: Setting the ball over the net with two hands is ruled a violation and will result in your team losing the serve, or your opponents gaining a point if they are serving. If the volleyball crosses the plane of the volleyball net after a two-handed overhead set it is ruled an illegal overpass.

The organizers monitoring the RSVPs for the Meetup and will be in contact should we need to change your RSVP status. Doing this keeps the Meetup operating as smooth as possible with minimal on-court interruption.

**If you feel a player is signed up for a level above their skills, please notify the Meetup organizers. Information will remain confidential, and one of the organizers will evaluate the player to see if they are playing at a Meetup that matches their current level. If you have a question about what level you should play at, feel free to discuss it with one of the organizers. If the organizers determine that you are not yet at the intermediate level, they will ask you to refrain from attending intermediate-level events. Failure to comply with the organizers’ request will result in your RSVPs being removed from the event.

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