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A healthy food culture connects the economy, the environment and society, and is a vehicle for sustainable positive change. It can create opportunities, bring people together, increase productivity, grow employment, protect the environment, improve our everyday lives, support better health and wellbeing, and much, much more. A healthy food culture equals a healthy living world.

Food Culture Forum is for industry professionals striving to fix the future through food. It’s a peer support space for sharing ideas and answers that can connect long-term needs with today’s everyday practices.

What if chefs had easy access to teachers, to improve behaviour and attention spans? What if farmers had easy access to environmentalists, to adopt more eco-friendly practices? What if community growers had easy access to architects, to build in spaces for micro-agriculture from the start? What if property developers planned kitchens to encourage more cooking and less waste? What if we could help these progressive conversations happen every day, and iron out the obstacles to positive change?

I started this group to share my research and connect conversations across society, industry, communication, the built environment and the living world. Based in the UK, I'm keen to see where members come from and plan events accordingly, so please sign up and we'll move forward together.

I look forward to meeting you!


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LONDON: Explore the Circular Economy at Ellen MacArthur Foundation's 2019 Summit

Let's learn more about food systems and the Circular Economy at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2019 Summit. The Circular Economy concept champions products and processes that form an infinite loop of repurposing and re-use; where every stress-point on the supply chain is reasoned and resolved with economic, social and environmental sustainability the goal. This is important in every industry, from cars to construction to fashion and more, but in food culture and systems it relates mostly to a) reframing food waste and discarded packaging as a new material for a host of other cross-industry applications, and b) making sure other industries close their own loops to avoid adversely affecting food systems. Through the talks and examples from world leading thinkers, we'll aim to uncover the food connections, and discuss during the drinks reception after. Doors open at 5.45pm so let's aim to gather from 5.30pm. Tickets are £19.56 inc VAT and are available here: https://www.eventsforce.net/ellenmacarthur/frontend/reg/thome.csp?pageID=23568&eventID=77&language=1&CSPCHD=003001000000rKHpjnLSBTSpekO62P3VkYNSe$w9IMkdPiIRPT Please be sure to secure yours in good time! I look forward to seeing you there.

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