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Ok here we go! Who loves international foods and not scared to try new things? I'm starting an international food club with a twist. We have to go in alphabetical order, cause that just makes it more fun! Each time we meet we can discuss which country is next and let's a try to find the most authentic place even if it's the shady part of town. Adventure is everything.

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O = Oman

Aashirwad Indian Restaurant

Traditionally we should be going to a Yemeni or Saudi Arabian restaurant but I’d like to save that for Y = Yemen. Since Indian is also an influence on Omani cuisine I decided to do that, since for the letter I we did Indonesia. DescriptionThe cuisine of Oman is influenced by Arab, Persian, Indian, Asian, Eastern Mediterranean, and African cuisine, reflecting Oman's position as a vast trading empire at the intersection of traditional spice trade routes. Dishes are often based on chicken, fish, and lamb, as well as the staple of rice. Wikipedia Here is a list of the most delicious and traditional Omani food: Majboos. Also named Kabsa, this dish is rice mixed with saffron cooked with spicy red or white meat. Mashuai. Another delicious dish you will find in Oman is the mouth-watering Mashuai! Mushaltat. Dates. Shawarma. Halwa. Kahwa. Harees.

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N = Nicaragua

Fritanga La Nueva

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