What we're about

The food landscape is changing rapidly. With new challenges and new opportunities.

Everybody working in the Food industry, Food Innovation or with an interest in either is more than welcome to join and share.

We hope to connect all FoodTechies in the community. To learn and to grow. To explore innovation at the intersection of food, technology, design, behaviour, culture, and business models.

To make meaningful connections among food innovation enthusiasts, let's:

• Offer inspirational events by thought leaders and food innovators

• Boost Innovation within food companies: How are food companies transforming their portfolio to adapt to changing consumer preferences?

• Support food start-ups by connecting to corporates

• Share food trends and new business development

• Inspire the industry to act on sustainability

Feel free to contribute, host a meetup or share your ideas on events and guest speakers. Let's build a community for Food Innovation enthusiasts together!

Upcoming events

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