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This group is for individuals and organizations working to impact the food system.

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THIS VENUE IS MOSTLY STREET PARKING, CONSIDER RIDE SHARING OR CARPOOLING We’re kicking off 2019 with a great presentation on the local Food & Tech landscape. This is a “can’t miss presentation” that will set the stage for all events to follow. Edwin Marty, Food Policy Manager with the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability, will provide an overview of the work the City is doing to support and develop a local, sustainable food system. This will include progress towards the use of public land for urban agriculture, preserving prime farmland, decreasing greenhouse gas-emissions in the food supply chain, institutional procurement of sustainable food, improving access to healthy affordable food, and reducing food waste. Bio: Edwin earned a BA in Anthropology from the University of Oregon and completed an “Apprenticeship in Agroecology” from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He was the founder and director of the non-profit Jones Valley Teaching Farm located in Birmingham, Alabama and co-authored a book about urban farming called Breaking Through Concrete. Agenda 6:30pm - Networking 7:00pm - Welcome & Intros 7:15pm - Intro to Food + Tech by RNA - Robert Nathan Allen 7:30pm - Speaker Presentation and Discussion 8:30pm – Q&A, Networking Sponsors We’re excited to have our first sponsor but we’re still looking for a few more, especially for venues, food, drinks, snacks, and social media. Andrew Eisenberg, Partner at Lee & Hayes, PLLC (https://www.leehayes.com/professionals/161/andrew-eisenberg). Andrew has extensive experience in both corporate and intellectual property matters making him the perfect attorney to assist businesses in navigating the complex legal landscape associated with starting a business, developing strategic IP assets, raising capital, and planning for an exit. Andrew draws on wide-ranging expertise gained while working with businesses ranging from start-ups to companies on the Fortune 500 list. He has a clear vision of how businesses small and large develop legal strategies to protect themselves and increase intrinsic value. Imperfect Produce (www.ImperfectProduce.com) is on a mission to reduce food waste and create a more sustainable food system. We deliver fully customizable boxes of ugly fruits and veggies to your door, for prices 30% cheaper than the grocery store. We are bringing delicious fruits and veggies, along with ample food waste knowledge and a service discount for event attendees. As a friend of Food & Tech Austin, you can save 50% on your first order by using the code "FoodTechATX50". We hope you love ugly produce as much as we do! High Brew Coffee (www.highbrewcoffee.com) Premium ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in a can that’s ready whenever and wherever you are. High Brew Coffee is made from 100% Direct Trade Arabica beans that are cold brewed over time, not heat, to be smooth, bold and full of natural energy with way less sugar. High Brew is for the go-getters, trend-setters and the do-ers. Sweet Ritual (http://www.sweetritual.com/) We believe that ice cream is more than just food, more than just a treat. It's part of the celebrations and consolations that mark important events in our lives, and no one should be left out. That's why we make amazing dairy-free ice cream with options for a wide variety of dietary needs. Vegan, Allergies, Foodies, Keto & Paleo: we've got just the scoop for you!

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