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Calling all local food producers, industry professionals, cafe owners, restaurateurs, farmers, local food champions, tourism operators, entrepreneurs, artisans, business owners, tech aficionados, policy makers and more...

This meetup group is for all those either working in (or interested in) the intersection of the food, tourism and tech industries in Ireland.

Ireland is in a really strong position to establish itself as a world-renowned food tourism destination.
As a nation, we have an enviable mix of quality food production, beautiful landscapes, tourist destination hotspots and a rich history.
Add to this mix the more recent emergence of a burgeoning tech sector, and you have yourself a recipe to create something truly special on this Atlantic island.
This meetup is designed as a forum to expand the conversation, to build on some excellent existing initiatives in the space and to begin joining more of these dots together.

This meetup intends to host & facilitate talks, discussions, workshops and networking events.
We will be welcoming speakers from a diversity of professions & backgrounds, who are working at the coalfaces of these industries and who can share their experiences & provide insights.
We will also be encouraging new food/tourism startups (looking for feedback and business support) to pitch their ideas to the group.

So how does Technology fit in to Food Tourism?

Well this could be something as simple as developing a social media presence or designing a website to showcase your offering. Or maybe you want to integrate a mobile/online payment platform or start a crowdfunding campaign or design an app. Or perhaps you're even looking at some emerging technologies (such as blockchain and AR) that could help tell your story in a new way and reach new audiences...
These are just a sample of what's possible in the space.

This meetup therefore, will serve as a platform to identify exciting new opportunities, to look at ways to sustainably grow the sector, to connect & grow a network of like-minded stakeholders, and to forge potential new business partnerships.
All of this, whilst also recognising the fundamental value and importance of the natural environment, that underpins the future growth of the sector.

We plan to host the first (monthly) meetup around mid-June 2018 in Dublin City.

Join up to get notified of this and other future events.

Also please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to speak, pitch or present to the group sometime.

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