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What we’re about

Food and Drink Adventures is geared towards thirty-somethings who want to explore the culinary and nightlife playground that is New York. More than just a drinking and dining-out group, this group is about learning and experiencing all that we consume--as it relates to culture, heritage, history and so much more! 
A few things to note:

  1. Events: All events will be designed to foster friendship.  Dinners will not have large attendance lists, whereas happy hours will not be capped.
  2. Age: This group is intended for people in their 30s and Early 40s.  I'd appreciate it if you respect that. If you're a member in your 30s or Early 40s and get older (it happens) then relax - you can stay in the group. I would say your "grandfathered in," but I know this is no longer P.C. to say - let's just say that you're a "legacy member."
  3. In an effort to stem the amount of people who RSVP and fail to show up, I’m going to implement the following policy for any person who RSVPs for the 1st time to an event that has a set reservation number and has not shown up to any past events:
    When you RSVP as a 1st Timer, I will send you a message to confirm that you will be attending the event. To confirm, simply respond to my message within 48 hours, and you’ll remain on the RSVP list. In the event I do not hear back from you within those 48 hours, if there’s a waitlist, I will remove you from the RSVP list to have someone from the waitlist take your spot.
    So please be sure you have your meetup settings allowing me as organizer to send you messages through meetup directly.
  4. Removal: If you’ve been a member of the group for six months and haven’t RSVP’d or attended a single event, then I reserve the right to remove you from the group. I know that there are a ton of meetup options for one to partake in this great city, but I hope that if you signed up for this group, you’re genuinely interested in giving it a shot – stop by for a drink at one of the the next happy hours, or take a chance and try a new cuisine while meeting some new folks. 
    Also, if you've RSVP'd to a meetup, and fail to show up without changing your RSVP and/or notifying me of your absence, I reserve the right to remove you from the group. C'mon, guys - it takes 2 seconds to change your RSVP and/or notify me - I don't have the patience for flaky people - feel free to join another group that will tolerate such behavior.
    Finally, if it's been more than 18 months since you've last attended a meetup with the group, then I will remove you from the group. It's my hope that you'll enjoy the group's activities, and show up "fairly" regularly - if you haven't been to an event in a year and a half, then I can only assume you're no longer interested in being in the group and will remove you.
    Organizer reserves the right to remove members at his discretion.
  5. Fees: I think it's lame that meetup has fees to begin with and hasn't figured out a way to generate revenue without holding Head Organizers liable for such costs, but it is what it is...with that being said, I'm not sure if there will be a nominal fee for meetups at some later point in time - as I just took over for the previous organizer, I'm still trying to figure this out.
  6. Capped RSVP's: For any meetup that has a limited number of spots (usually dinner reservations), I’m going to ask that you only RSVP for one such event PER MONTH. This won’t really impact most of you, and I’m still going to try to focus on meetups that aren’t capped (i.e. happy hours, gallery crawls, food crawls, etc.). Again, while I’ve tried to maintain a Laissez-faire policy with respect to RSVPing to events for the group in the past, I think this new policy is worth testing out to make the group more accessible, etc. – I hope you understand where I’m coming from.
  7. I know there are a ton of great meetups out there, but if you're in more than 150 Meetups, then there's a good chance you're just going to join this one and add it to your collection of meetups...I want people who are actually interested in attending events, so if I don't allow you to join the group because you're in way too many meetups, then hopefully you understand why.

If all this sounds good to you, then join us! :)