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Spooooky Hallowe'en Costumed Downtown Epic Treat Crawl
Let's experiment with a progressive dinner of snacks at different restaurants and shops to enjoy the colourful Hallowe'en atmosphere on the streets downtown. Think of it as a grown up foodie version of trick or treating. COSTUMES: One of my favourite things about Hallowe'en here is wandering around on the streets to see people's costumes. And it's only fair to wear your own costume also. So let's go for a costumed walk along Robson St. to Granville St. where there should be plenty of people in costume because of the clubs. Your costume can be anything from a simple weird hat to a full costume, but everyone must have some costume on for the whole group to get into the spirit. FOOD: Trick or Treat! Of course, if we are foodies on a walk, we should stop along the way to try different foods. We'll make it casual and see which places look interesting to us plus have room for us or have food that can be taken out that we can easily try on the street. I don't expect that sit-down restaurants will want a lot of people coming in to just share one dish, so we will be respectful of this. With enough little snacks, this should be a meal so please don't eat dinner beforehand. Let's try to visit as many places as possible, just picking the best thing from each place to share and sample. It's an area with several options, so if we aren't finding enough snacks to fill us up, we can also decide to sit down in a place and have more substantial food. This is not the best event for those that are germ-phobic or have several food restrictions, as the idea is that we share food so that we can just have a taste of each. It will not be vegetarian. Some options below. We might want to try these (many I've never had before) but of course, the key to having fun is flexibility and see what works in the moment - Casablanca Crepe, Taste of Morocco? (We meet in front but we can decide if we want to try it together) - Zabu Chicken (KFC = Korean Fried Chicken)? - Timber (for our own drinks, alcohol available, snack, sitting down rest/washrooms)? - Poké Time (share a bowl of poké)? - Kobiniya Japanese Grocery (for Pocky or other packaged junk food) - Momo Sushi (for a fancy roll)? - Happy Lemon (for our own sweet drinks)? - Spicy 6 Indian (for deep fried cauliflower, garlic basil naan)? - walking it off towards Granville - Five Guys (burger backup plan for anyone still hungry)? - South on Granville for costume watching - Smoke's Poutinerie (another backup for anyone still hungry)? - Saj & Co - The Kitchen of Neo-Nostalgia, Lebanese Cuisine? - Breka Bakery and Café on Davie St. (coffee, dessert, rest, washrooms)? MEETING: To participate, you must be on time, or else you will miss our Hallowe'en "walking bus," and we will not be able to meet people later. Aim to arrive before 7:30 pm so that we can all depart immediately. It's also very important to update your RSVP if you can't come so we know who to expect. Don't be a No Show Nitwit. RSVP's close by 2:30 pm Oct 31, so please make your final decision before then. COST: Bring cash. I think the easiest way to split things is for each person to aim to treat everyone else to a taste, and volunteer to purchase an item. Or we can each put our cash into a pot and spend from it. WHAT TO BRING: Please bring your own utensils to make it easier to eat take-out items outside. You might consider bringing a water bottle and a little container to use as a plate. Wear comfortable shoes (about 2.5 km if we go all the way to Granville and Davie), your costume, and whatever you need for the weather. Bring your flexible self and fun Hallowe'en energy. WEATHER: If it is really pouring rain, we will probably cancel or change the format to eating in one spot.

Casablanca Crepe taste of Morocco

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