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Welcome to the Vancouver Food Lovers and Bloggers Meetup Group!

Are you a foodie? Do you like food, like trying different cuisines and are always interested in other people's recommendations?

Then welcome to the Vancouver Food Bloggers Meetup. You don't have to be a blogger or writer to join, ONLY A FEW of our members maintain their own blogs or contribute to review sites such as Yelp and Urban Spoon.


Note: Group policy - new members and first timers are asked to contribute a $10 non-member fee to help pay for the cost of this group on meetup. Thank you.


See you at our events.

Ronald Lee

PS: Due to limited space for bookings, we have a two strikes and you're out policy. If you miss one event, you are given a warning. You are removed on your second no show.

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Do you know about Sous Vide steaks for tender tasty results?

Have you heard about the Sous Vide process for cooking meat? This is where you put your meat into a bag and then into a container of temperature controlled water to cook to the exact doneness (i..e internal temperature) you want. And because no parts of it is overcooked (as in a grill or pan) it is juicy, tender and delicious all throughout (not dried or over cooked). Here are some video: https://youtu.be/OTspB9b01bg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYRe065d6sc https://youtu.be/O-bJDWEpbCU And here are some articles: • Kitchen Experiments: Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin (http://andrewzimmern.com/2015/05/27/kitchen-experiments-sous-vide-beef-tenderloin/) • Why Cook Sous Vide? (http://modernistcuisine.com/2013/01/why-cook-sous-vide/) I haven't tried it, but I would like to. It can be done, DIY style or there are machines that will make it even easier. I wonder if anyone actually has a machine and has done this? Or would anyone like to get together for 3 hours to try? If interested, please RSVP and leave a comment about your interest AND if you have a kitchen a few of us can gather in to try. If there is enough interest, we'll try to arrange something OR I'll go buy a sous vide machine, 'master' the cooking and be chef for a day at some point. PS: I probably will try it myself this week anyway. Ronald ----- Update: September 30th I've done the Sous Vide a few times since this posting. Each time with supreme, delicious results. So I went and bought the Anova machine for this as well :-) Here are photos from my FIRST try at sous vide. Here is how the steak looked after the sous vide. Notice the rare cooking in the steak. Next we need to sear the outside for added flavour. I am searing in the frying pan. After the searing, it looks great. This is how it looks inside, ready to eat! Delicious, so tender, juicy, it melts in your mouth!

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