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Hey FoodLovers/Foodies, Welcome to join our Group to Enjoy the Awesome Food Together in Shanghai!!!
It's over 3 years, HikingLovers had more than 200 awesome hiking trips with all HikingLovers from everywhere!!
Life is not just Hiking!! But FOOD FOOD FOOD ^^
Now our FoodLovers Group is created! We want to get more FoodLovers to enjoy all the decilcious food from Everywhere!!!
Yummy!! Yummy!! ^^
**New to Shanghai-Always Eatting Alone, Join Us!!
**Too Long in Shanghai-Dont Know Where to Eat? Join Us!!
**Cant order too many food with few ppl-Eat with Group of PPl with Kinds of Food, Join Us!!
**Shanghai is getting expensive?-Always Can Get Discount with Group or Coupon On Chinese APP, Join Us!!
FoodLovers-Keep Calm and Eat Eat Eat (The Important Thing has to Say THREE Times ^^)

HikingLovers-Keep Calm and Hike On!!
Our main Group is HikingLoves Group, if you like hiking, welcome to join us to adventure in China and Everywhere in the World!!


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